April 16, 2024


Susie is one of the new main characters of Deltarune and she is certainly a character that draws a lot of attention from her first appearance for obvious reasons. Let’s not forget something important and that is that she is eating chalk.

But if there is something to highlight above all in Susie, it is the evolution as a character that she has been having throughout the first chapter of Deltarune and that is the topic I want to deal with today.


At the moment, very little is known about Susie. She this is a monster with the appearance of… Violet rebel mare? and that she usually dresses in a very… Underground way, to say the least.

She goes to the same school as Kris and is a very problematic student, both students and teachers (or at least Alphys ) fear her and from what we see in Deltarune, it doesn’t surprise me too much, what a bad vibe from Yegua .

As for her personality, we could consider her as a pessimistic, nihilistic, aggressive, brave character and strange as it may seem… there is a kindness and a big heart that little by little will be shown during the demo.

Sans Warning Spoilers


Susie shows a great evolution in her personality during the demo, where little by little she will go from the horrifying and terrible being that we know at the beginning to the Susie that we know rather pulling at the end, a Susie who cares a lot about her friends now. which many of us have grown fond of.

I did not expect it at all, all of you who have played the Deltarune demo will remember that first moment in which Susie stamped us against the lockers that are in the corridor that communicates with our classroom at school, a very impressive scene and that Luckily, since it is a video game , we do not piss on ourselves.

From that moment we see a Susie who acts out of self-interest and who goes a little out of our face, but there is a moment when things start to change, and it all starts with another of the Deltarune characters: Lancer.


Lancer , the one who made us think we were going to run into Sans in the Dark world… and what else…

Susie and Lancer show some chemistry pretty early on as they are both a bit of a ‘junk’ and like to mess around and stuff, to the point where Susie decides to join Lancer and leave us out.

And here I can only theorize, but because of how things are going for Susie and because of how she acts, she doesn’t seem to be a monster that has friends, in fact I wonder if she ever had any real friends. The fact is that it seems that with Lancer she manages to establish a bond of friendship , something that partly seems to open her eyes to what are surely feelings that are not very close to her or even non-existent until that moment.

This causes Susie little by little to start doing things for someone other than herself, something that makes her evolve a lot as a character and she even reconsiders and ends up returning to our group together with Ralsei and Lancer.

It is interesting how Lancer himself is the one that makes possible the union of a character as evil as Susie was in a group that seems rather to be on the good side, although well, that in the end is up to you, but what is not doubt is that Ralsei is on the ‘good side’.


And at the end we see what Susie’s true personality could be, a character who deep down has a very good heart . Well… this is not clear.

It could either be that she has decided to change or it could also be that this evil that she shows is… pure facade, this could be because if you think about it, Susie has always gasped a lot and has threatened us, but rarely has she really tried to harm us.

The thing is that in the end Susie offers us really endearing moments:

  • The enormous effort he makes to rescue his friend, with that tense moment where it seems like Lancer is a traitor, where Susie almost loses her mind but is unable to harm her friend. What a moment that is!
  • When she agrees to obey us (finally!) after reconsidering and that conversation we have in the elevator, another great moment.
  • The fact that he doesn’t want to harm Lancer’s father even with how horrible and hateful this being is, something that we would never have expected from the Susie of the beginning.
  • That at the end of the game and before going out again to the “World of Light” Susie reminds us that we should say goodbye before everything.

I am quite convinced of what I have already commented, Susie really is good and her “evil” is pure facade. Surely it is a defense mechanism to protect yourself from others.

At the moment we don’t know anything about her history, but surely she has something in her past that has made her take this attitude, we just have to keep waiting to see if with the final release of Deltarune they show us more about Susie’s past.


I just realized that Susie is another case of self-named by me: Vegeta Effect .

The Vegeta effect is the typical badass characters who end up either becoming good or who end up doing very kind acts. It is a resource that is used quite a lot in series, video games and others because for some reason human beings love that “bad guy” thing that does good things, I guess because of the contrast and how that “kind act” or ” goodness” seems to be greatly amplified in evil characters.

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