April 16, 2024


Ralsei is the supposed Prince of Darkness, and I say supposed, because frankly, he doesn’t look like it at all. I guess we could say it’s a cliché, but when I hear a title like “Prince of Darkness” a perverse and… evil person comes to mind.

And that is precisely what is surprising about Ralsei, that despite holding such a title… well, we don’t know to what extent it is true either, but if it were… the fact is that he shows an exaggeratedly friendly attitude, something that clashes enormously with the attitude which Susie usually drinks. Both are polar opposites, but certainly Susie is not that bad and I talked about that in more detail in the previous post.

Anyway , for a change I’m getting involved, we are going to talk about one of the biggest spoilers of the first chapter of Deltarune .

Sans Warning Spoilers


Hmmm… nothing is certain in this life, much less when we talk about Toby Fox, but everything points to it being so.

If you have already passed the first chapter you will understand why I believe this, from the outset it is evident that Ralsei is exaggeratedly similar to Asriel , and not only physically, but in many other aspects.

So I am going to make a list with the reasons that make me think that Ralsei is Asriel:

  • Ralsei is physically the same as Asriel and we discover that when he decides to take off his hood to leave us speechless. He only has a slight change and that is that he now has horns, something that has a very simple explanation since Toriel already told us that it is very likely that his son is already growing horns. Which makes a lot of sense when you look at Asgore and the piece of antlers on him.
  • Ralsei is an anagram (form another word with the same letters of a word) of Asriel, something too suspicious and something very recurring in Deltarune that itself is an anagram of Undertale, I’ll talk about that better in another post.
  • In addition, this one has an attitude very much in line with what we would expect from an Asriel who has not become Flowey and who is therefore… a kind of Toriel in a little boy . He clearly has those deep values ​​of his mother and from what we know of Deltarune, Asriel is supposed to be like “the perfect son” with part of the room full of trophies and his mother very proud of him. And if that weren’t enough, if we talk to neighbors and others, we realize how loved Asriel is in the community.

For these three reasons, I would be very surprised if it turns out that they are completely different monsters. In any case, until the full game is released (and not even then, since in Undertale we are left with many doubts) we will not be able to verify this.


That is something that we cannot yet know for sure, so we have no choice but to theorize, and all this assuming that in the end Ralsei does turn out to be Asriel, something that in itself is already a theory, because by the way it seems, even we cannot be 100% sure.

What we do know, based on what happens with Kris and Susie, is that when someone from the light world enters the dark world , they slightly change their appearance, and I imagine the same thing happens vice versa.

Therefore, the thing fits quite well, since Ralsei, despite being very similar, shows a slightly different appearance from Asriel. This is something that can be seen above all in his clothing and in the fact of covering his face, which is when he doesn’t even pretend to be Asriel.


This is an aspect that could dismantle everything that has been said about Ralsei and it is the fact that Kris , the character we control in Deltarune (who appears to be Chara , to be honest) does not show any type of surprise or, in itself, any emotion, when seeing the face that hid Ralsei.

But of course… if you think about it, it’s Kris , the “Frisk” of Deltarune, and well… from what we see in Deltarune, of course Kris is not the king (or queen) of expressiveness. So anyway, what are we going to do, Kris is like that hahaha.

What you do have to pay attention to is Susie’s exaggerated reaction to seeing his face, something that contrasts with Kris’s deadpan expressionless face. If you think it’s an overreaction, is it because of the incredible resemblance to Asriel? Or simply because of the good-natured face he has? Because we also don’t know if Susie and Asriel know each other.

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