April 21, 2024


This time we are going to analyze an initial SSR in NU: Carnival that went a bit unnoticed but is great, it is the Edmond Knightly Night SSR .

Edmond is the vice captain of the knights and therefore has a very serious personality and always tries to keep up, the problem is that he is used to repressing his feelings and therefore tends to be quite sharp and blunt (deep down he is a Tsundere).

He has a pretty good role because despite being a Striker through ascents he reinforces his own potential by increasing his Basic Attacks but he is also capable of increasing the Attack of characters of his own class (including himself).


Noble by birth and holds the position of vice captain of the Knights of the Kingdom of Klein. Edmond is extremely polite, possesses impeccable manners, and is a master swordsman. He is naturally endowed with essence, but because he doesn’t like things related to magic, he tries his best to suppress the feelings of desire that essence often provokes in him.

Possessing strict self-discipline and fierce pride, Edmond prizes honor and duty above all else. Still, his pure and honorable way of thinking tends to be more of a hindrance than a help.


This SSR also belongs to the Striker Class ; Much like Blade Explosive Recall’s SSR and Garu Master’s Gift SSR, Blade is DPS oriented.

Edmond Knightly Night’s SSR belongs to the Water Type , in fact he is the only starting character whose SSR belongs to this element (so it won’t hurt to have him). Being a Water-type he is easily defeated by Forest-type enemies but will easily defeat Fire-type enemies as well.


Next we will see the statistics of this Edmond SSR, as always considering it at level 60, promoted to five stars and with the potential developed to the maximum.

  • HP : 7,400
  • ATK : 2,134
  • Battle Power : 18,322

It has some statistics that are quite good, it is true that it does not stand out in any of its statistics but they are perfectly balanced and it does not have any deficiencies.


Next we will see all the characteristics and abilities that Edmond can have, those that he already brings with him and those that we must unlock.


With this Attack he hits a single enemy dealing damage equal to 125% of his Attack.

Which is why it works exactly the same as Blade Explosive Recall and Quincy Fallen Leaves , even the numbers match.


  • TOE : 3 turns.
  • Skill Level 3 : Attacks a target dealing 125% of his Attack/ After using this last one, in the next two turns he will make an extra attack after his basic that will inflict 143% of his Attack.

In short, in the third turn of the fight Edmond will be able to use his Ultimate Ability, after using it every time he hits a blow he will do a consecutive one with greater damage than the previous one.

The good thing is that by the time this effect wears off, Edmond will have his Ultimate Ability ready to use again, so from turn 3 of the fight we will almost always have this effect in play, which does not happen with any of the initial SSRs. .


If we are lucky enough to be able to ascend this SSR from Edmond (either with copies of this SSR or with the fragments of the SSR that we can acquire in the store) we can obtain a total of two passive abilities, one by ascending Edmond to 3 stars and the other in the fifth ascent.


  • Increases the Attack of each Striker-type character in the party by +17% (max 3 characters).

It is the first time that we see this passive ability and I must say that I love it, it will help us to boost another character that we have as our main DPS and while Edmond occupies the offensive role he will also act as an enhancer (this type is not usually seen of things in characters of this role).


  • Edmond’s Basic Attack increases his damage by 50%.

Another new passive at last; this will make our Edmond go from inflicting 125% with each hit to doing 187.5% damage with respect to his Attack (which is a very notable buff).


As we explained before, in order to perform the potential increases we need to obtain various objects through different phases of the story, rewards when making expeditions or directly buying them through the store.

One of the Passive Skills that we get in this way will be unlocked when we reach Tier 6 and the other we will get when we reach Tier 12.


  • Increases Edmond’s Base Attack by 20%.

Another novelty in terms of passives, it seems that Edmond’s set is totally based on Basic Attacks (neither that he was Kamisato Ayato nor that he looked like him).


  • Edmond becomes immune to paralysis.

In this, it already coincides with a large part of the cast that we have already analyzed, as is the case of the SSR of Kuya Fallen Leaves or Quincy Ancient Ceremony .

Previously, paralysis was not a big problem in this game, but every time they introduce new challenges such as the summoner’s challenge in which bigger enemies appear that will cause paralysis to several members of the party and sometimes due to this it will cause one or another get off the team.

In general, I quite like the whole set of skills that this Edmond SSR has, I have to say that to really take advantage of it I think it should have the ascension of the three stars and have it at Tier 6, but there are so many advantages it brings that I would absolutely invest my resources in it.

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