April 14, 2024


NU: Carnival is a gacha game that came out recently and at first it can be a bit confusing as it doesn’t have many explanations about how it works and a fairly large number of objects and things; therefore we have decided to make a tips guide for insiders to guide you through the game.

In this guide we will talk a little about what the different phases of the game are for, what the workshop can be used for, the benefits we can obtain from explorations, how contracts work, and much more.


Basically, the combat mode that this game has, in each section we can get different rewards.


Basically it is the story mode in which we will see Eiden’s adventures in this strange world and we will meet all the husbandos that will accompany him on his way.

Completing each chapter by getting three stars in each combat is highly recommended, since many times they will give us very juicy rewards.


They are daily phases that allow us to get Holy Water to level up our characters, coins to be able to pay for these increases and gifts to increase the level of intimacy with these characters.

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday we can get gifts for Kuya, Aster, Yakumo, Olivine and Blade while on Tuesday and Thursday we can get gifts for Quincy, Garu, Morvay and Edmond (On Sunday you can get gifts for any character in the game).


There will be some in-game events appearing from time to time that usually have a long duration and give extremely good rewards.

Fortunately, it is a game that compensates its players quite well despite being in the gacha category ; so you know, never skip an event and try to complete it 100%.


UN Exploration: Carnival

It consists of making expeditions with our N and R characters to one of the five territories (Fire Territory, Water Territory, Wood Territory, Light Territory and Dark Territory) to farm materials.

Initially the expeditions last 6 hours , but as we repeat them in the same territory the level will increase and we will be able to do them for 9, 12 and even 22 hours (obviously the more hours that pass, the greater the reward and the prizes will be of better quality) .

Some of the obtainable rewards are:

  • Holy Water.
  • Buyer’s Permit.
  • Talon, Pine Logs, Morning Dew, Star Fruit and Toxite.
  • Gifts.

Depending on the territory that we explore, we will get gifts for a character that lives in that area; Regarding the materials to improve the potential of the characters, we will find a possible type of material in each area (for example, in the Dark Territory they can give us toxite).


Raise Privacy in NU: Carnival

Each character of rarity R, SR and SSR have five stages of intimacy that we must unlock by giving them gifts; by completing each room we will obtain a permanent bonus of 5% to the Life and Attack of our character in addition to unlocking some kind of reward or story.

To do this, we will need on the one hand gifts that increase this affinity that we can obtain through daily tasks, expeditions or buying them in the store and on the other hand every time we give them a gift, we will consume an intimacy point (these points are replenished alone over time, so don’t worry, though they can also be restored using Essence Vials).

Making this climb is very important, since it will be quite noticeable in the strength of our character and after all it is also interesting to see the story (to unlock room 2 of an SSR we will need a key of the character’s element or have it promoted to 2 stars and to unlock room 5, upgrade it to 3 stars or spend another key).


The Workshop at NU: Carnival

Within this workshop, generally what we will do is synthesize silver, this synthesis will not cost us anything and over time we will have orders that will give us some coins that will help us later to upload our characters in the game.

Upon reaching certain levels we will be able to synthesize more than one thing at a time and we will not only be able to make silver, we will also be able to make gold for which they will give us more coins and it will be preferable (some of the tasks that we are given weekly involve completing requests related to the synthesis of silver and gold).

And finally, the really useful use of it all; the workshop allows us to convert materials that improve the potential of the basic characters to others of higher quality (for example, in exchange for 6 talons we can get 1 monster claw).

Obtaining these higher quality materials can be quite complicated, so this option will be essential to be able to continue advancing in the ascension of our characters.


They are a series of optional tasks that we will have to do frequently to get various rewards.

  • Daily : We can do them every day and they are very simple; some of them deal with leveling up an ally, completing phases multiple times, defeating enemies, and spending energy.
  • Weekly : They are very similar to the daily ones but they ask us for a greater amount in the objectives and also involve completing orders from the workshop.
  • Monthly : Same as the weekly ones but with very high requirements but they will also give us very strong rewards for it.
  • Personal : These are tasks related to completing chapters in the story, raising our level in the game, improving intimacy with x number of characters and improving the level of exploration of the territories.
  • Events : Add friends to the game and complete the different phases of the temporary events that are added to the game.


Perform Contracts in NU: Carnival

In the Contract tab it will be the place where we can try to recruit new characters for our team ; To be able to shoot for them we have several ways:

  • Gems : to make a pull of 10 characters we will need 6000 gems and to make a single pull 600. These gems can be obtained by completing phases of the story, completing deeds, buying packs in the store…
  • Sorcery Gems : They are very difficult gems to obtain and with one of them we can make a single spin per day on a banner; they are obtained as a reward for reaching certain levels in the game and buying them in packs from the store.
  • Contracts : We have individual contracts and contracts that allow us to recruit 10 members at a time; These can be obtained in the daily login, as an event reward, a story reward…

As for the banners we can shoot, we also have three types:

  • Permanent : In this banner we will see the SSRs that came out at the beginning of the game such as Kuya Fallen Leaves , Quincy Ancient Ceremony or Garu Master’s Gift .
  • Promotional : When a new character appears in the game, such as Blade Explosive Recall , a banner will appear whose duration will be limited (you will have the possibility of obtaining the promotional character raised, but you will also be able to obtain the permanent ones).
  • Friendship Contracts : In this banner we can only get characters of category N, R and SR; to be able to shoot in it we will need points from friends that we get by adding people to the game (every day they will give us 10 points for each friend that we have added to our account).


Within the store there is a lot of variety, some of the things are packs in which we have to spend money if we want to acquire them and others we can obtain with in-game coins.

  • Packs & Featured : These are packs that we can obtain by buying with real money and they give us gems, daily energy boost, keys, etc.
  • Trading Post : It is updated every day and two or three products from this store always have some discount; the exchange currency is called Buyer’s Permit and we can get it by doing Daily Deeds.
  • Mojo Mart : In exchange for Gems we can get coins, potential improvement materials or gifts to raise the level of intimacy (it is updated daily too).
  • Fragments : By making contracts we will obtain fragments and these can be redeemed in turn for a copy of a character that we already have to promote it.
  • Mystery : This store is updated monthly and gives us very interesting things in exchange for Gems and Sorcery Gems.

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