April 21, 2024


This time we are going to tell you how Kuya Kitsune Dream’s SSR works in NU: Carnival , since his attacks are very different from what we have seen so far.

In this case we will find that it has a way of attacking very similar to those annoying mushroom-shaped enemies that inflict Poison or Bleeding on us and deal passive damage to us despite having killed them, since this Kuya will do the same to us with his attacks but will only attack one target.

Another very curious point that differentiates it from the rest of the cast is that when attacking in this passive way it does not have predominance over any Type, so the damage will be the same regardless of which group it belongs to (something that had never been seen until now) .


Following the chaos caused by the Ancient Banquet, Kuya decides to teach Eiden a lesson in the Yokai way within the confines of the Yokai lord’s great pavilion. However, Eiden catches a glimpse of some memories from Kuya’s past. Could there be a strong heart full of past burdens behind that cold facade?


In this case, his SSR belongs to the Saboteur Class , which, as we have already seen, is that class specialized in weakening enemies. In this case this SSR matches the same class of your first SSR Kuya Fallen Leaves .

Kuya Kitsune Dream’s SSR belongs to the Fire Type , it is his first SSR of this Type since it is usually associated with the Dark Type; normally it would imply that being a Fire-type it would easily defeat Forest-type characters, but in the case of this SSR the damage to any type will be the same. Still, it will still be weak against Water-type enemies.


Next we will see the statistics of this SSR of Kuya, as always considering it at level 60, promoted to five stars and with the potential developed to the maximum.

  • HP : 8,076
  • ATK : 1,956
  • Battle Power : 17,856

If we compare it with its initial SSR we will see that its attributes are quite similar, only that this new SSR has about 300 points more Life and 74 points less Attack.


Next we will see all the characteristics and abilities that Kuya can have, the ones that it already brings and the ones that we must unlock.


With this attack he bleeds a single enemy for four turns, this damage will be proportional to 50% of Kuya’s Attack.

This attack is single target and will last a total of four turns, and we are the ones who will decide if we want to continue accumulating stacks on the same enemy or inflicting this bleeding on several enemies.

We have to keep in mind that the damage applied by these attacks will be dealt when the enemy ends his turn, so it is recommended to take this Kuya in long-lasting phases.


  • TOE : 3 turns.
  • Skill level 3 : With this attack he bleeds a single enemy for three turns, said damage will be proportional to 182% of Kuya’s Attack. In addition, the enemy suffers 10% more damage due to bleeding (max 3 stacks) and reduces the damage of the enemy’s Ultimate Ability by 10% for two turns.

This Ultimate Ability is great for us to fight against special bosses that cost us a lot of work to defeat, since we will do a lot of damage to it through bleeding and each turn we will increase its damage in addition to reducing its Ultimate Abilities which can sometimes kill us. at one blow.


If we are lucky enough to be able to ascend this SSR from Kuya (either with copies of this SSR or with the fragments of the SSR that we can acquire in the store) we can obtain a total of two passive abilities, one by ascending Edmond to 3 stars and the other in the fifth ascent.


  • Increases Kuya’s Attack by 27% if his Life is below 75%.

This passive is a bit bad because we won’t always have it, since after all the cures are applied to all the members of the group and we will only have this buff when we lose at least a little more than a quarter of Life.


  • The Attack of the enemy who receives the Ultimate Ability will be reduced by 15% for 3 turns.

It seems to me an important passive for critical moments in long phases to reduce the damage of Ultimate Abilities that can be thrown at us and thus gain margin to heal our party.


As we explained before, in order to perform the potential increases we need to obtain various objects through different phases of the story, rewards when making expeditions or directly buying them through the store.

One of the Passive Skills that we get in this way will be unlocked when we reach Tier 6 and the other we will get when we reach Tier 12.


  • The damage of the Bleeding effect is increased by 15%.

I see this passive as very important so that Kuya can deal more significant damage and be more useful to us when dealing damage.


  • Kuya becomes immune to paralysis.

It’s the same thing we get in his initial SSR, Quincy’s Fallen Leaves and Edmond Knightly Night’s .

Thanks to this Passive Skill we will get rid of the annoying paralysis that the enemies can inflict on us, although fortunately it is not a drama in itself for this Kuya (since after all he attacks passively, if paralyzes the only thing we will not do is accumulate stacks).

Kuya Kitsune Dream seems to me to be a very valuable ally to defeat complex enemies in long-lasting phases, since with it we can do passive damage and put it on defense without losing much if things get ugly (in addition to nerfing the enemy). However, when it comes to carrying it in a team to do quick and routine phases, it would become a hindrance, since it deals damage after the enemy’s turn and is also a single target (so for this its initial SSR is much better) .

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