April 21, 2024


Today we are going to talk about the SSR of Dante Blazing Coliseum , which finally after a couple of months of waiting we will be able to get it in our NU: Carnival accounts .

Dante has a noble demeanor and is full of pride, so he has a vibe and a way of dressing that reminds me of Edmond in a certain way; but unlike him, Dante is someone very direct who never doubts and sometimes he can become somewhat insensitive and haughty.

This SSR is very interesting because whenever it attacks, it will give each member of the party an individual shield, which can help us a lot to cover the weaknesses that our members have against enemies against whom they have a disadvantage due to their Type.


He is the ruling Lord of the kingdom of Solaria, Dante was forced to take the position at a young age due to the untimely death of his parents. He is a genius strategist with an unbreakable will and has tenaciously protected the Fire Territory from threats coming from the Dead Zone.

He is extremely confident in his physical abilities and places great importance on people’s strengths and weaknesses. As the Lord of the Sun, he is quick and decisive in his actions and never allows his methods to be questioned.


We finally have an SSR that belongs to the Guardian Class , this type of character will play the role of Tank and will try to reduce the damage received to our allies, put up shields or deflect attacks towards himself.

Dante Blazing Coliseum’s SSR belongs to the Fire Type , curiously it is the same class and the same type as Morvay’s SR (the only character that belonged to the Guardian Class since the beginning of the game); this implies that being a Fire-type he will easily defeat Forest-type characters but will have problems against Water-type enemies.


Next we will see the statistics of this Dante SSR, as always considering him at level 60, promoted to five stars and with the potential developed to the maximum.

  • HP : 11,314
  • ATK : 1,387
  • Battle Power : 18,249

Being a Guardian Type, it is logical that his Attack is going to be somewhat low compared to Strikers such as Edmond Knightly Night’s SSR , since after all his role is going to be to protect us and therefore in return he has an amount of Extremely high life.


Next we will see all the characteristics and abilities that Dante can possess, those that he already brings with him and those that we must unlock.


With this Attack he hits a single enemy causing damage equal to 75% of his Attack and will generate a shield equal to 6% of Dante’s Max Life to the entire party.

Morvay’s SR, which was the only reference of this class, put a shield on himself and drew all enemies to himself, but Dante will provide a shield to the entire party every time we attack with him (which will be extremely useful to protect our Supports and Healers).


  • TOE : 4 turns.
  • Skill Level 3 : Attacking a target for 100% of their Attack will generate a shield equal to 18% of Dante’s Max Life to the entire party.

There is not much difference with his Basic Attack the truth, he will simply hit something more but since he has so little Attack it will be a negligible difference.

As for his shield, if we have this Ultimate Ability at 3, it is true that it will be three times as effective as the shield that he gives us with his Basic Attack and if we have Dante’s Life well raised, it will be difficult for them to inflict damage on us. turn we use the latter.


If we are lucky enough to be able to ascend this SSR of Dante (either with copies of this SSR or with the fragments of the SSR that we can acquire in the store) we can obtain a total of two passive abilities, one by ascending Edmond to 3 stars and the other in the fifth ascent.


  • Increases shield effectiveness for each Dante ally in the party by +8% (max 3 stacks).

This Passive Ability is the one that will really make the difference in Dante and if you go for it I highly recommend that you try to get the three stars, as this will greatly increase the protection that our group will receive


  • Damage taken by the party is reduced by 4%.

Perhaps it is not something very significant in terms of numbers, but if we are very fair in a phase it is possible that this small damage reduction could make the difference for us to pass it.


As we explained before, in order to perform the potential increases we need to obtain various objects through different phases of the story, rewards when making expeditions or directly buying them through the store.

One of the Passive Skills that we get in this way will be unlocked when we reach Tier 6 and the other we will get when we reach Tier 12.


  • Damage taken by the party is reduced by 2%.

The same effect that we have seen before in its rise to five stars but here we only reduce the damage by 2% (but hey, it all adds up).


  • Dante becomes immune to sleep.

Finally something different from what we saw with the SSRs of Kuya Fallen Leaves or Quincy Ancient Ceremony that always repeated the immunity to paralysis.

We certainly haven’t seen this passive before in the game because there weren’t any enemies that inflicted this status. What does this mean? Well, from now on, both in history and in events, there will be enemies that inflict this state on us and we must be prepared so that it does not pose a problem.

In conclusion I think that this SSR of Dante is very curious and I like that it reduces the damage received while we will have a shield throughout the party permanently (unless Dante is paralyzed or put to sleep), but for On the other hand, it is true that it is very easy to have Morvay’s SR promoted to several stars and he gives us quite a good deal since he has a very similar role and that is why I do not see him as an essential character.

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