April 16, 2024


I have bought the Early Access of V Rising and the truth is that the game promises a lot and to be an unfinished version it is exaggerated how well it works and the colossal amount of content that it has.

It is a game that is reminiscent of Valheim, but with an isometric perspective in which we will take on the role of a vampire who will have to survive in a world where, of course, survival is not easy at all.

And as you already know if you are a regular around here, if I like the game then I make guides for it, so today I bring you the first of them of this game and it is the guide to defeat its first boss: The Alpha Wolf .


Since it is the first boss, I will explain how you can find this one and ultimately all of them, since we have a tracking system for each of them.

To unlock this system you will have to complete the missions that appear in the upper left corner of the screen in which they will guide us as a tutorial. But to comment on it anyway, you’ll have to build the ” Altar of Blood “. There you will see the list of all the bosses in order (you have to start at the top) and the first of them will be the Alpha Wolf; You click on “track” and voila, a kind of “red smell” will appear (type The Witcher 3) that you will have to follow until you reach the area where the boss awaits you. So with everyone.


Luckily this first fight will be quite simple, something that we will not be able to say so lightly later on; but anyway I bring you several tips that can help you be prepared for the battle and the typical attack/mechanics guide that I usually bring for the bosses of many games.


There is little you can prepare for in this first battle and since the game’s own tutorial (which yes or yes you have to do to be able to make the boss) will already force you to increase your equipment level, in that aspect you will already be covered.

What I can recommend is that you use the Spear for this fight since, apart from having a good range, it also has increased damage against beasts and that is something that you should take advantage of in your favor. His thing is that you make the Improved Bone Spear (in the tutorial itself they will explain how to make and improve weapons, at least the basic part, which you don’t need anymore for now), with it you will be very prepared for the battle that awaits you .


As always, I leave you the list of his attacks and what you should do in response to each one of them. I think it is not necessary for me to say that it is better that you do not go to sack and that you act with head, that he is a boss after all, not a common wolf.

  • Load : Typical load attack in which it will be launched towards us, we dodge it and that’s it, little to add. Remember that you have a dash ability (“Blood Veil”) that will come in handy for this, but this one has a cd , so you won’t be able to do it every time; you move away and now, let’s go. When doing a few charges you will see that the Alpha Wolf stays for a while as if tired, at which point you can take advantage of it to give him a tremendous blow.
  • Bite : Short-distance attack in which it will bite us, it will be enough to move away to avoid receiving the damage. The idea is to never get too close to him, the Spear helps in that regard quite a bit.
  • Rage mode : You will see that it will be “cheated” and will have a red aura. In this mode do not attack him, just limit yourself to dodge because he deletes that is a pleasure. What you can do is parry it (the «Blood Ritual» ability), which in this game is super easy to do because we «stay in parry mode » for quite a long time. But just that, don’t attack him.
  • I Hail the Pack : He will summon 2 common wolves to help him. Priority eliminate these 2 wolves quickly between dodging the big one; Once eliminated, you focus on the alpha again.

For the rest, the typical… do not tank it because it will delete you; You calmly dodge him, give him two or three hits and so on. As I have already mentioned, this one is quite simple, but don’t go crazy either, it hits good shots. Oh yeah, and remember to use the “Shadow Ray” skill, which hits pretty well and is also ranged.


By defeating the Alpha Wolf you will get the following:

  • Wolf Form : Very interesting power since it will allow us to take the form of a wolf in order to move faster as long as we do not perform any skill or get hit; it is merely to move, not to fight. This will also prevent some wild animals from attacking you.

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