April 15, 2024


For some reason when going to fight against Keely the Ice Archer (the fourth boss of V Rising ) I thought that this encounter would be quite complicated and it gave me some respect. I think part of this is because Rufus was a bit of a pain to me and I thought Keely would be something similar but above all freezing and stuff, but in the end he turned out to be (at least for me) one of the easiest bosses in the game.

In fact, I would say that it took me longer to get to her because there are a few quite dangerous humans in the Bandit Rag Camp (the area where the boss is, to the East in Farbane Forest) than the combat itself. But the case, whatever it may be, here I bring you your guide.

Bandit Rag Camp in V Rising


Let’s first see some tips to prepare the battle and then the guide of its attacks and mechanics.


Again there is little preparation since we have a streak of bosses in which we unlock unimportant things for the battles, something that will finally change with Keely, that we will see at the end in the rewards section.

What I do highly recommend is that you be careful because Keely has 3 humans escorting him and the idea would be to eliminate them beforehand while you’re avoiding Keely so they don’t bother you during the battle. A good trick is to take cover so that Keely doesn’t hit you with his arrows and when the escorts get close, eliminate them; or the classic trick of moving away so that Keely separates a little from them and you can eliminate them.


Keely uses ice arrows, which apply cold, this in itself is not a problem; the real problem is that if you have cold applied (you will have like a light blue aura) and it hits you with another ice arrow, then it will freeze you in place for a few seconds. Come on, you should never, ever receive 2 arrows in a short period of time or else you will receive a lot of damage.

  • Tri-arrow : Keely will constantly shoot arrows, specifically 3 in a fan in the direction in which he points. Luckily as long as we stay close to her this will be extremely easy to dodge, although of course she will try to run away from her, but it is still easy to follow her.
  • Stealth : Keely will turn invisible for a few seconds (not invulnerable, you can keep hitting him) and will try to get away from you to reappear and hit you with a Triarrow. It is not a real problem because if we can see where it is (since it does not become 100% invisible), it is a bit difficult to see it but if you are very attentive you will see it (if you have vision problems, put on your glasses in this battle, although I imagine that if that is your case, you will already play with the glasses on as standard). You know, you always near her and hitting on her.
  • Rain of Arrows : Several red circles will appear around him where ice arrows will fall, you move away from the circles and that’s it; after this you know, you approach her and the usual. You have resources such as the dash or the parry in case you see that you are not going to escape from the area in time.

And that’s it… he has nothing else; he doesn’t summon companions to help him and he doesn’t have a rage mode either, it almost feels like the development of this boss is a bit half done. I think even the Alpha Wolf was more challenging and at the end of the day he is the first boss and it shouldn’t be like that.


By defeating Keely the Ice Archer you will get the following:

  • Frost Bat : Frost power with which we will launch an icy projectile that will apply cold and that will freeze the enemies that already have cold applied for a few seconds.
  • Tannery : Structure that will allow us to create Leather from Animal Skin.
  • Traveler’s Shawl : A cloak that increases our health and will increase our resistance to the sun .
  • Empty Canteen : A canteen that we can fill with liquids.
  • Leather : Material that we will use in various recipes but mainly to create armor superior to those of Reinforced Bone.

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