April 21, 2024


The Zombie Villager is one of several Zombie species in Minecraft . Its appearance is the same as that of a common Zombie, only that they have the head of a villager and that they have the green skin color typical of these creatures.

Its operation is practically the same as that of the Common Zombie , so if you want to know more about them, do not hesitate to visit the link that you have in this same paragraph.

However, they have a peculiarity that differentiates them from the Zombies of all life and it is the fact that we can cure this variant so that it becomes a peaceful villager again to free it from the curse of the dead. So if you are a good samaritan and want to save the poor villagers from infection, here is a complete guide.


The Zombie Villager can appear in two ways in Minecraft:

  • Randomly : There is a 5% chance that instead of a Common Zombie spawning a Zombie Villager spawns instead.
  • By infection : If a villager takes a hit from a Zombie they can become a Zombie Villager. There is a 100% chance of this happening on hard mode, a 50% chance on normal mode, and it will never happen on easy mode. Given the high odds, it is very likely that in the end the entire town of Villagers will end up infected, as usually happens in series, movies or video games based on the Zombie apocalypse.

And now that you know this, let’s get to what really matters:


To heal a Zombie Villager you will have to craft some items to give them. Specifically, you have to throw a Throwing Weakness Potion at him and then give him a Golden Apple to heal him.

If you have no idea how to get these items, don’t worry, I’ll explain it below.


To create the Throwing Weakness Potion you will first need to create Fermented Spider Eye . It is created with the following materials:

  • Spider Eye : Which you can get as loot from killing Spiders or more rarely from Witches.
  • Sugar : It is obtained from the Sugar Canes , from the Honey and also from the Witches.
  • Brown Mushroom : They can be collected, they appear especially in shadow areas.
Fermented Spider Eye Recipe in Minecraft

Place the ingredients on the crafting table in the same way as in the photo and you will have it.

Next we are going to create a Potion of Weakness . You need a Still and the following materials:

  • Water Flask : Obtained by creating a Crystal Flask (requires three v-shaped crystals in the lower area to craft) and filling it with water wherever you can.
  • Blaze Dust : From Blaze’s bars.
  • Fermented Spider Eye : If you have followed the steps you will already have it.
Potion of Weakness Recipe in Minecraft

You don’t have to use three Flasks of Water, but it will go a long way in making the recipe go further, since you’ll get three Potions of Weakness instead of one.

But we are not yet! We need a Throwing Weakness Potion , not a common one. You will also have to do this in the Distillery:

  • Weakness Potion .
  • Gunpowder : Obtained as loot from Creepers.
  • Blaze powder .
Minecraft Throwing Weakness Potion Recipe

And now we finally have the Throwing Weakness Potion, again it is more common to put three Potions at the same time. But this is the first step to be able to heal a Zombie Villager, now you will also need a Golden Apple.


Creating a Golden Apple is quite simple, the only thing is that you will need a few Gold Ingots and you should already know that Gold is one of the least common minerals in Minecraft.

Well, let’s go with the recipe:

  • 8 Gold Ingots: Obtained by melting Gold Ore.
  • 1 Apple: Which can appear in chests or by cutting the leaves of an oak.
Recipe of the Golden Apple in Minecraft

As you can see, the idea is that, put an Apple in the center and completely surround it with Gold Ingots. Now that you have everything below, I have just explained the procedure!


Everything you need to do step by step to cure the Zombie Villager assuming you already have everything we need:

  1. Make sure he doesn’t get hit by the Sun as he will then die before you can heal him.
  2. I recommend that first of all you lock the Zombie Villager so that he is still, it would be a horror to waste the Potions for a mistake. You can surround it with fences, for example, or any other element that prevents it from moving. An easy way to do this is to first create a “U” and as soon as he’s inside close it so he can’t get out.
  3. Throw the Throwing Weakness Potion at him.
  4. Give him the Golden Apple.

You’ll see that the Zombie Villager  begins to tremble and roar … Don’t worry, that means you’ve done well and he’s in the process of healing, a process that must hurt a lot, by the way.

But you will have to be patient, as the process takes a few minutes to complete. It’s only a few minutes, but the truth is that the wait is eternal, so try to distract yourself with something else, but don’t get too distracted either, in case something happens with the Zombie Villager.

By the way, once you manage to cure a lot of eye, there will be no Zombies nearby that will infect you again. Make sure the Villager is properly isolated and out of harm’s way, it would be a horror to have wasted all the time you spent on it just to get re-infected.

And of course, if you want to cure several Villagers you will have to have them all well separated so that they cannot re-infect each other or other Zombies that may appear in the area. Remember that Light prevents Zombies from spawning in an area!

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