April 15, 2024


Mining is one of the most common activities in Minecraft and this is something natural in a game where survival has so much value, since if we find Minerals , we will be able to create better Weapons, Armor, Tools and all kinds of constructions that will make us our adventure more bearable.

Before getting into the matter you know that the logic regarding the Minerals is quite simple. The deeper you dive, the more likely you are to run into the rarest Minerals such as Gold, Diamond or Emeralds. So now you know, this will be my first piece of advice: Dig as deep as you can!

Of course… watch out because the closer you are to the Mother Stone, which is the stone that we can never pass through and that defines the end of the depths of the game, the easier it will be for us to run into the Lava. And depending on how he catches you… it will be very easy for you to die, something that is not very pleasant, especially if you are loaded with valuable objects, so be careful!

But hey, now we get into the matter. We are going to see, mineral by mineral, how you can obtain each of them in the best possible way and in the process we will talk a little about them:


Coal is the easiest mineral to obtain in all of Minecraft and its main use is as fuel. You are going to need coal and a furnace if you want to process other of the Minerals that we will see next to turn them into Ingots, which in the end is what really interests you.

Of course, it is not the best fuel in the game, but it is the easiest to obtain and one that you will surely always have on hand.

To achieve this, I’m not going to give you any other advice than: Itchy… yes, I know it’s crappy that I only tell you this, but it’s going to appear yes or yes. In any case, I will tell you that, despite being everywhere, it will appear excessively from height 50 and below.

Oh and know that you can use any pickaxe to be able to chop the ores; something that does not happen with all minerals, as you will see later.


Iron is very useful since it will allow us to create our first really effective Weapons, Armor and Tools with a more acceptable duration. That later you will obviously have better ones, but without a doubt Iron is a good start to get on the right foot in terms of objects in Minecraft.

This is a rarer Mineral than Coal, however, it is still quite common if we compare it with those that will appear later.

It also appears to a greater extent from height 50 onwards. In fact, despite the fact that Iron is less common, its appearance is closely related to Coal. Come on, the more Coal there is at a height, the more Iron there will also be.


Gold is a very valuable mineral as is common both in real life and in the games themselves. However, despite their rarity, Tools and Gold gear in general are very flimsy and will break easily, so what’s the point of this?

Well, in fact, Gold has an advantage that other equipment does not have, and that is that it is very light and therefore you will be able, for example, to sting faster if you use a Gold Pick. anyway.

It is also the only one that allows us to make the Clock , although we will also need Redstone. An object that will allow us to know what time it is, or rather the position of the Sun, even being in Las Minas, where of course we cannot know this data.

To find it, it will start appearing more often from layer 32 down, so now you know. It will be quite rare to find anyway.


Lapis Lazuli is an even rarer Mineral than Gold and just as it will appear above all in the lower areas, it is even less common than Diamond, which will appear lower down. This Mineral will allow us to dye things blue and will also be useful for the enchantment table .

If you are looking for it, it appears above all between the heights of 15 and 20, if you move a little away from this range, its probability will drop considerably.


Redstone is undoubtedly one of the favorite minerals, especially for those more creative Minecraft players, who like to create experiments and ingenious machines. This is because with the Redstone we can create circuits, switches, levers, logic gates, pressure plates and that kind of thing that can be connected with TNT and other objects to create interesting things.

Despite being so far down the list, it is a very easy Mineral to obtain. What happens is that to obtain it, it happens as in the last ones we have seen, that we will have to be very low, come on. However, given a certain height it will become extremely easy to find.

To obtain it you must be between heights 5 and 10, within this range it is almost as common as Coal. Also, this one is usually near lava, so be very careful.


The Diamond is the most well-known Mineral in all of Minecraft and the creator of the meme: “You left a Mineral in minute XX:YY”.

This is the ore that everyone is usually looking for since it will allow us to create the best Weapons, Armor and Tools in all of Minecraft. Not only in terms of effectiveness, but also in terms of duration.

However, and despite popular opinion, it is not the rarest to get (although it is the most valuable, at least in terms of utility) since Lapis Lazuli and especially Emeralds are even rarer than this.

If you want to get Diamonds you must be in the same range where the Redstone usually appears, between height 5 and 15, so again it will be easy to run into lava if we are not careful, the terror of every miner and a death that no one knows about. play minecraft for a long time can get away.


And now we are facing the least common Mineral in the entire game: The Emerald . It’s funny because we can’t create anything beyond the Emerald block itself, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have good use, in fact the Villagers love them.

If you right-click on a Villager (if it’s not a Zombie Villager , of course) an interface will appear where you can see that it offers you certain objects (there’s everything) in exchange for “x” number of Emeralds, this is the main use of these.

To obtain them you will have to bite yes or yes in the “Extreme Hills” joke, in no way can it appear in other biomes. And don’t think that at least in these biomes they are quite common, on the contrary, their rarity is similar to that of the diamond only that it only appears in that type of biome.

It is found above all between layers 4 and 32, but be careful not to go too far mining, which could end up in another biome.


And to finish with the list of Minerals we have the Quartz from which we will obtain infraquartz. This is in the last place since it is in the Nether, which a priori is more of a late game area . How to access the Nether .

With Quartz we can make certain creations such as:

  • Quartz blocks.
  • Solar Light Sensor.
  • Greenstone.
  • Observer.
  • Redstone comparator.

It is not difficult to obtain it once you are in the Nether, it is literally everywhere and it is the only Mineral that you can find in this area. In fact, it can appear at any height, it will be enough to be in the Nether.


The ore from which we will later obtain the Netherite is called Ancient Debris and you can only find it from version 1.16 of Minecraft. We could say that it is the Diamond of the Nether, since it will only appear there and it will also be extremely rare to find, even more so than the Diamond.

It can appear from height 8 and up, although the interval where it is most common is between height 8 and 24 (with 15, 16 and 17 being the best heights).

Thanks to this material we will be able to create both Armor and Tools even better than the Diamond versions, so it will be worth the hard work to obtain this precious material.

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