April 14, 2024


Today in this Minecraft guide we are going to talk about one of my favorite blocks for my constructions, a block that I love its design since it is ideal for creating things like a wall, a fortress… and the truth is that it looks great.

Creating Stone Brick Blocks has its thing and that is that they require more than one process to make and in that sense they take a bit of work. But hey, the truth is that it is well worth it for how good they are. For example, you have the photo of this post, I am in love with this block, what are we going to do with it… and that is why I want to share with you the way to achieve it step by step so that you can apply it to your constructions.

Obviously the guide is oriented to survival mode, in creative it will simply be enough to choose this block, since you have all the blocks in the game totally free.

Anyway! Let’s go there!


What is the Cobblestone ? It is the block that is generated by chopping the Minecraft stone. In that sense… zero problems, we could almost say that it is the most common block in all of Minecraft, it is everywhere and yes or yes you will collect lots of Cobblestones during your mining raids.

The real problem is that if you want to make something like a big fortress or a wall, you’re going to need a lot of… a lot of Cobblestones. So nothing, you know, to mine has been said.

Later you will see that it will be another resource that will give us problems, but well… step by step.


After collecting a lot of Cobblestones (remember that the block you get when you break the stone), now you will have to transform this block into Stone Blocks . Which would be to give it the shape that the stone had so that it remains the same as it was before it was chopped.

The first step to get the Stone will be to create a Furnace , which is a very basic and simple recipe, so you won’t have much trouble doing it. Here is the recipe:

Oven Recipe in Minecraft

As you can see, there are simply 8 Cobblestones, leaving the hole in the center empty. Very simple and more so now that you surely have lots of Cobblestones.

Next you are going to need a lot of Coal or Coal, because the idea is to burn the Cobblestones, since that is the process to which we must submit the Cobblestones to turn them into Stone. In that sense, I recommend that instead of adding Coal or Coal to the sack as fuel… it is better that you create a Coal or Coal Block. It is very simple, just put 9 Hullas covering the entire Crafting Table and from there you will get the block.

Why is it worth doing this like this? Well, because the Carbon Block spreads more than 9 Coals separately. If you want the process to be faster you can create one or two more furnaces to be able to burn several stacks of Cobblestone at the same time. But well, that as you see; the truth is that it takes its time, but as long as you’re busy with other things, it will pass quickly.

If you can’t find Coal Ore I recommend you make Charcoal .


And now it will be the last step, and I already told you that the most “cool” part was the previous one, especially because of the huge amounts of Coal or Coal that we needed if we want to create some large structure… what now is just a mere formality simple more.

To create the Stone Bricks you will basically have to follow this recipe, which again is not complex at all:

Stone Brick Recipe in Minecraft

As you see, you need 4 Stone Blocks and you get 4 Stone Brick Blocks, so you will get the same Stone Bricks as Stones you have; which is also less bad… hahaha.


And if you already want to go to the next level and have some Mossy Stone Bricks , I’ll tell you how you can do it. In my opinion, the standard Stone Brick Block is better, but well, to taste colors… What is certain is that with these Blocks you will be able to create a kind of mossy castles, as if they were old, which can look very good.

This is the recipe:

Recipe for Mossy Stone Bricks in Minecraft

What looks like a plant are Vines.


Stone Bricks and Cobblestones in Minecraft

This block is great especially for walls of castles, fortresses… it gives that touch of robustness that a site of this style should have. And well, that’s the point, right? Typical stone castle.

I recommend that you use Stone Bricks for the walls while for the floor and ceilings you use simple Cobblestones, the truth is that the combination of Blocks looks very good. Also… that way you don’t spend so much coal and everything doesn’t look exactly the same, it’s better that way, you’ll see.

As for the Mossy Stone Brick Blocks, apart from giving an “old” effect (which I like the conventional Stone Brick more, but well…), it can also be very good if your castle, fortress , whatever; it’s in a swampy area or something.

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