April 16, 2024


Today we will talk about those Minecraft blocks intended for the kitchen or the casting of materials such as the Oven, the Blast Oven and the Smoker since each one is intended for a specific thing despite the fact that it is true that if you do not want to complicate yourself you can always use the oven of a lifetime and that’s it… but that’s not the best!

In this post I will show you how you can create each of these objects, what they are best for and the main differences (in detail) between each of them so that you know when you have to use one or the other. It is worth keeping an eye on it because knowing this you will be able to speed up the cooking or melting times, something that is greatly appreciated because, after all, they are very common and important actions in the cube game.


When we refer to Oven we talk about the normal one, the Oven of all life. It is the easiest to make (below I leave you the recipe, but come on, I’m sure you know it) and the one that is most recommended at the beginning because although it is not the best at anything because it does not have a specialization, it has the advantage that It allows us to cook or melt equally everything we want without any type of restriction and therefore it will complicate our lives less.

Oven Recipe in Minecraft

8 Rock blocks (the one that comes out as you pick it) with a hole in the middle.

And since we are talking about the Oven, just in case I will tell you how it works (if you are not interested, go straight to the next section). Basically we have to interact with it and put some fuel at the bottom such as Coal, Charcoal , Wood, a Lava Bucket… to name a few examples. Above we put things that can be melted like Sand, Copper or Raw Chicken and after a while we will get the material already melted (for example Crystal with Sand, Copper Ingots with Copper or Cooked Chicken with Raw Chicken).

Crystal Cracking in Minecraft

This is the crafting of the crystal for example and we have below a Coal Block (more efficient than the Coal to dry) as fuel.

As additional information, you should know that you can also find ovens in some of the houses that are generated naturally when creating the world, such as the Villages or the Igloos. You will have to pick it up with a pickaxe because otherwise the block will break, if there was something inside, don’t worry, if the block is removed or destroyed, the objects inside will fall to the ground.


The Blast Furnace fulfills the same function as the Furnace with the difference that it only allows minerals to be melted but with a great plus in its favor since it will melt them twice as fast as the conventional Furnace . Note that in the end it will consume the same amount of fuel as the Furnace of Life, the only thing that changes is the rate at which it melts.

Blast Furnace Crafting in Minecraft

To create it you will need a Furnace, Smooth Stone (To get the Smooth Stone you have to melt the Stone, which you get by chopping Stone… By doing so you get Rock and if you melt it you get Stone; or you can directly chop the Stone with Silk Touch and you have it directly ) and Iron Ingots (you will have to melt the Iron in the Furnace). You have the recipe above.


The Ahumador works like the Blast Furnace but its specialty is cooking . It is exactly the same but applying it to things that are cooked such as meat, potatoes … etc. We can only use it for cooking and in the same way the cooking speed will be double compared to the conventional oven.

Smoker Recipe in Minecraft

To create the Smoker (it is easier than the Blast Furnace) you will need a normal Furnace again and in addition to this it will ask you for logs (what you get when you cut down a tree, not the wood that we create, the log directly).

So nothing, now you know: To begin with, it is best to create an Oven, but as you progress a little, the ideal would be for you to have a Blast Furnace to melt and a Smoker to Cook. Will you stop using the conventional oven? Well, not because things like Wood, Sand or the different types of Stone can only be melted in the normal Furnace and therefore you still need one.

And that’s it! Did you know the difference between the different types of Minecraft Furnace ? Do you already use all of them in your house? Do you think I should add something to the guide? Leave your comment!

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