April 21, 2024


The Sculk is a new material from version 1.19 of Minecraft that is very interesting because they add stealth mechanics to the game, and to all this, you better be careful with them, now I explain better.

These will appear randomly in the Deep Dark Biome and can appear in different forms, forms that of course we will talk about in depth in this post, as well as the dangers that will lie in wait for you as a result of them and what it is. the end of each of these blocks in the game. Let’s go there!

By the way, so as not to be repeating myself when I explain all the blocks; The best tool for collecting Sculk’s blocks (all of them) oddly enough, is the Hoe.


It is merely a decorative block , it has no function or use beyond what has been said, that you can collect it to create some type of Sculk structure since this would be the base block. That the truth is that it is quite cool in terms of design, everything is said.


Sculk’s Sensor is a block you’ll probably hate (or love, it all depends on the situation) as it’s a bit of a “sneak” block. Which by the way, this type of block can also appear naturally in the Ancient Cities Biome.

The purpose of this block is to detect vibrations (sound, come on) and in response send a Redstone signal that as a good part we can take advantage of for our Redstone constructions and as a bad part… well, you’ll see, I’ll explain in the next block , which is very important.

First of all clarify that they will detect the sound that occurs 9 blocks away and that when this happens you will see how the Sculk Sensor turns on. What things can it detect exactly? Well, all sorts of sounds really, but for clarity:

  • Walk or jump (unless you walk on Lana or move while crouching).
  • Any enemy moving or making noise.
  • To eat.
  • Chop.
  • Drop an item (except the Wool, but be careful because placing a Block of Wool does make a sound, you know, the “ploc” that usually sounds when placing a block).
  • Even an enemy that flies, it would make noise even if it doesn’t touch the ground.

You know, that kind of thing, anything that makes noise.


You are going to hate this block to death since Sculk’s Howler if it detects you, what it will do is start “screeching”, which a priori will seem that nothing is happening in itself. But since he detects you three times… he’ll summon a Warden (suffice it to say that he’s super fucked up and busts a lot) and that’s obviously not something we want a priori.

I’ll explain how it works in detail:

  • The Howler will activate if you step on it (watch where you put your feet), if it receives a Redstone signal, or if a nearby Sculk Sensor activates (which is why I was telling you that you probably hate Sculk Sensor).
  • If you activate it once nothing happens, but if you activate it 3 times… what I have already told you, a Warden will appear.
  • But not only that, but if you are in an area within 40 squares of the Howler you will also be applied (to all players in the area) a debuff called “Darkness” that will last 12 seconds which will basically make everything very dark and you lose a lot of field of vision.
  • For Warden summoning, each Sculk’s Howler is independent. That is, if we activate 3 different Howlers, the Warden will not appear; it has to be that the same Howler detects you 3 times.
  • Upon activation, there will be a 10 second cooldown until that Howler can be activated again.
  • Luckily, if it’s something external to the player (an enemy for example), even though Sculk’s Sensor can turn on, it won’t send the signal to the Howler, it has to be a player’s action for it to activate.

An important tidbit is that only naturally generated Howlers summon the Warden, not ones placed by the player.


Sculk’s Vein is a block that works like Glow Lichen in that it attaches to other blocks and “paints” them (as if putting an image with a transparent background on top of it). It has no real use beyond decorative.


The Sculk Catalyst is a very interesting block since its function is to create other Sculk blocks near itself , which will happen when something dies in its area of ​​effect (which is 8 squares and has to be an enemy that deals experience or a player).

X amount of Sculk blocks will be randomly generated at the place of death:

  • Mainly Sculk blocks (the basic one) and Sculk Veins will appear.
  • 9% chance for a Sculk Sensor to spawn.
  • 1% chance for a Sculk Screamer to spawn (luckily a Sculk Screamer can’t summon a Warden).

And that’s it! Ugh… it has been more complex than he thought to create this guide, I hope it helps you. And nothing, to end the usual questions. What do you think of the Sculk in Minecraft ? Do you think it’s a good addition? Isn’t the Howler obnoxious? Do you already have Redstone projects in mind with the new Sensor? Leave your comment!

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