April 16, 2024


The Nether or Underworld is one of the most hidden areas in all of Minecraft and is both a dangerous and interesting place for the most intrepid adventurers.

And it is that reaching it is not exactly easy, since we are going to need a series of objects that are not within the reach of the most casual, objects such as the Diamond, one of the rarest minerals in Minecraft.

That is surely the most complex part, so don’t worry, it’s not that big of a deal. You will only have to dedicate a few hours to it, since the Diamond does not appear out of nowhere and you will have to mine very deep in search of this mineral.

Next I will tell you everything you will need to create the Portal to the Nether or Minecraft Underworld:


You will need the Diamond Pickaxe to be able to chop the Obsidian , which is that black rock that forms the portal to the Nether or Minecraft Underworld.

Finding Diamond is a bit complicated, but luckily I already created a guide a long time ago in which I explain how to find all Minecraft Minerals , so I recommend you take a look at it.

Once you have the diamond, you will only have to create the Diamond Pickaxe, this is the recipe:

Diamond Pickaxe Recipe in Minecraft


Once you have a Diamond Pickaxe with you, you will only have to create the obsidian to chop it. If by some chance you find Obsidian naturally while you are mining, you can directly take advantage of the occasion and mine it.

If you can’t find it there is a “craft” method to create it yourself, basically you will need a Bucket full of Water and Lava.

I leave you the cube recipe here first of all:

Cube Recipe in Minecraft

Now basically you will have to fill your bucket with water, you will find it everywhere and you must go to an area where there is lava.

Pour the water over the lava and in the process you will see Obsidian appear. Now you know, you just have to chop the Obsidian, you will need a total of 10 Obsidian blocks to create the portal.


Now you will have to create the portal model to the Nether or Underworld, basically it is a structure of 4 wide x 6 high in which the corners do not necessarily have to be Obsidian.

I think it will be better to have an image to understand it better, so we must do it:

Form of the Portal to the Minecraft Underworld

I’ve put rock blocks in the corners, but you can really put whatever you want there, it’s your choice!

However, you will see that at the moment you only have a kind of portal that is useless at all, and that is that we are missing the last step.


To activate the portal we have to set it on fire, well, it’s not good to set it on fire, it just has to have contact with fire to activate. This is very simple, the best thing is to create a lighter, then I leave you the recipe:

Recipe of the Lighter in Minecraft

The materials needed are:

  • Iron Ingot: Melting the Iron ore that you will extract by mining in the furnace. It is more efficient to melt it in a Blast Furnace .
  • Flint: Sometimes appears when mining gravel.

With the lighter at your disposal, you only have to use it on the portal and you will see how it is activated.

This is optional, by the way, but it looks much better with a couple of torches on the portal. Surely you already know the recipe for the torch, but just in case I’ll leave it here, it never hurts:

Torch Recipe in Minecraft

Now that you have the portal active you will simply have to enter it to be able to access the Nether or Underworld, but yes, always take the lighter with you and be careful, it is a dangerous area. The portal could be deactivated, so I recommend that you always carry a lighter with you. And don’t even think about attacking the zombie pigs that are everywhere!

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