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The Paladin is a Warrior with a Support role  in Lost Ark , specializing in increasing group damage, reducing damage taken, and generating various shields.

Compared to the Barda it has a higher physical resistance and mitigates the damage caused by enemies to a greater extent, but instead has a much lower healing potential from it and depends entirely on one of its Class Engravings for said healing.

It is one of the most requested classes when making content such as Guardians or Abyss Assaults and you will never be short of a party if you decide to create this character in the game; So let’s see how the Paladin works and how to build it.


In this build we will guide our Paladin completely to the Support role, for this reason we will prioritize the Engraving of Blessed Aura over the Engraving of Judgment.

Thanks to this Class Engraving we will be able to provide healing to the group while they are within our identity ability called Sacred Aura; this engraving will also reduce the damage taken by the group within the area of ​​this ability.

If we did without this Engraving, we would only be able to heal a small amount of life with the ability called Holy Protection (which also has a very long cooldown), so it is totally necessary for it to work as a Support.


By pressing the X button with the Identity Meter filled we can use the Holy Aura; This aura acts as a damage amplifier that will always increase our character and the teammates that are within it the damage while it is active.

By complementing it with Blessed Aura, our Holy Aura will heal and reduce the damage received by the group, so we have to try to fill the meter as quickly as possible.


As we have already said, it is essential to have the Blessed Aura Engraving so that our identity ability can heal us and also provide a damage reduction to the entire party whenever they are within the area.

Expert is another Engraving that will be essential for us, as it will increase the effectiveness of our heals and shields (the Paladin does not heal as well as the Bard, so he really needs this engraving).

The shield generated by the Awakening Skill is quite key for times when we do not have our Divine Aura ready or to evade some mechanic that does a lot of damage, so Awakening will be crucial so that we can use the Judgment of Alithanes more frequently .

  • Blessed Aura :
    • Level 1: Holy Aura also reduces damage taken by 10% and restores 2% Max HP every 2.5 to the entire party.
    • Level 2: -15% damage taken and restores 2% of Max HP every 2s.
    • Level 3: -2o% damage taken and restores 2% of Max HP every 1.5s.
  • Heavy Armor :
    • Level 1: +20% Defense, this Defense cannot be reduced.
    • Level 2: +50% Defense, this Defense cannot be reduced.
    • Level 3: +100% Defense, this Defense cannot be reduced.
  • Spirit Absorption :
    • Level 1: +3% movement and attack speed.
    • Level 2: +8%.
    • Level 3: +15%.
  • wake up :
    • Level 1: -10% Awakening Ability Cooldown and +1 one use.
    • Level 2: -25% time and +2 uses.
    • Level 3: -50% time and +3 uses.
  • Expert :
    • Level 1: +6% Shield and Heal effectiveness to your entire party. If target HP<50% additional +3%.
    • Level 2: +14% and an additional 7%.
    • Level 3: +24% and an additional 12%.
  • Judgment :
    • Level 1: +15% damage smite (blue) skills and they fill the mercy meter by +100%. +100% holy caster duration.
    • Level 2: +20% Punish skill damage.
    • Level 3: +25% Punish skill damage.

If you have a hard time surviving with the Paladin or they inflict a lot of damage on you, a good option to reduce it could be Heavy Armor , but in the case of the Paladin it is not as necessary as in the Barda.

If we want to continue increasing our Paladin’s movement and attack speed, we can choose to equip the Spirit Absorption Engraving .

Judgment is the other Class Engraving of the Paladin, in this case we are not so interested in the damage increase since our role will be Support, but we are interested in the second effect that makes our punishment skills fill our mercy meter with double the effectiveness (in this case we can have the two Class Engravings at the same time, since they do not overlap each other as it happens with the Gujista and the Sorceress ).


These are the skills and runes that we recommend to build your Paladin:

Best Paladin Skills in Lost Ark

  • Charge (Dagger Lunge) : Make a frontal attack and with the established settings it will serve us to have greater mobility to reach the enemy and will provide us with a shield for a few seconds.
    • Excellent mobility.
    • Light Protection.
    • Rune: Quick Reload
  • Sword of the Executor (Harsh Retribution) : When using this skill we will advance 4 meters thanks to Excellent Mobility and after this we will execute a combo of three slashes.
    • Excellent mobility.
    • Weak Point Improvement.
    • Executor Attack.
    • Rune: Overwhelming.
  • Sacred Sword (Sword of Justice) : Our Paladin will charge his sword and then make a burst of light towards the enemies; For each enemy we hit, the cooldown of this skill will be reduced by one second (maximum 8 seconds reduction).
    • Positioning.
    • Burst of Light.
    • Release Light.
    • Rune: Overwhelming.
  • Light Shock (Unbearable Radiance) : This is one of the Paladin’s abilities with the shortest waiting time, with it we will hit the enemy with a shock wave of light that will cause the enemy to receive more damage from the members of the group for a few seconds .
    • Light fingers.
    • Vestige of Light.
    • Powerful impact.
    • Rune: Fast Reload.
  • Law of the Gods (Rufeon´s Word) : Maintaining the ability we will generate a circle of light that will damage enemies, reduce the damage to allies who are within the ability and generate a shield for the entire group (provided they have entered within of the circle).
    • Shield.
    • Wide Attack.
    • Grace.
    • Rune: Protection.
  • Wrath of God (Hand of Heaven) : Greatly increases the identity meter; Summons thunder that deals AoE damage that will increase party damage by 15% for 6 seconds.
    • Broad Thunder Strike.
    • Faith.
    • Express Fury.
    • Rune: Wealth.
  • Holy Protection (Shield of Fait) : This ability is wonderful: generates a shield for the entire group in a radius of 24 meters for 6 seconds, removes the last damaging effect of all allies in the same radius and at the end of the duration of the shield 8% of max HP will be restored (the downside is that the cooldown of this skill is very long).
    • Light step.
    • Purify.
    • Oath of Light.
    • Rune: Talisman.
  • Celestial Blessings (Guardian Angel) : This ability will give us a damage reduction for the group, a damage increase of 15% of our power for the whole group and will also accelerate the mana regeneration of the party.
    • Faith.
    • Worth.
    • Absolute blessing.
    • Rune: Wealth.
  • Awakening Skill – Judgment of Alithanes : Execute a jump then perform a ground dash and deal a powerful downward attack to enemies, after which a huge barrier will be created for all party members for 10 seconds in a 24 radius. meters.


These are the Cooldown Reduction and Damage Increase Gems that we recommend focusing on.

Cooldown Gems :

  • Carry.
  • Executor’s Sword.
  • Holy sword.
  • Light shock.
  • Law of the Gods
  • God’s wrath.
  • Holy Protection.
  • Heavenly Blessings.

Damage Increase Gems :

  • Carry.
  • Executor’s Sword.
  • Holy sword.


In this build we will focus specifically on raising this attribute:

  • Speed ​​: Mainly what interests us in our Paladin is to have as much speed as possible, mainly to reduce the waiting time of our ability and be able to constantly support the group and also increase the speed of movement and attack of our character.

As a second attribute in the necklace we will look for the following:

  • Specialization : As a second attribute we will choose Specialization because it will not increase the efficiency of the Holy Aura, the Mercy Gauge will be filled faster and it will also improve the damage caused by his Awakening Skill,


In this case we recommend the same deck of cards used by the Barda; With the first two we will increase our HP to strengthen our heals and with the last deck we will be able to increase our magical and physical defense as well as mitigate the damage caused by enemies.

  • Goodbye, Gun :
    • Set 2: Max HP +4%.
    • Set 4: Max HP +4%.
    • Set 6: Max HP +4%.
  • Camp Chief II :
    • Set 2: Max HP +4%.
    • Set 4: Max HP +4%.
    • Set 6: Max HP +4%.
  • We will see each other again and Forest of the Giants :
    • Set 3: -12% damage taken from enemies with 50% or less HP.
    • Awakening 9: -16% damage taken from enemies with 50% or less HP.
    • Awakening 15: If we have 20% of HP or less, we will quickly recover HP for 5 seconds when suffering an attack (Cooldown: 10 minutes).
    • Set 3: +15% recovery item effectiveness.
    • Awakening 9: +10% Physical Defense and +10% Magic Defense.
    • Awakening 15: +20% Physical Defense and +20% Magic Defense.

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