April 21, 2024
How to clean and wash a mouse pad - Step by step

How to clean and wash a mouse pad – Step by step

Like many other parts of your gaming setup , the mouse pad  needs  a little love every now and then by being cleaned and washed. It is both fresh and hygienic while keeping the mouse pad in top condition, so that your gaming mouse slides better and can read the surface in the best way.

good way to keep track of if the mouse pad needs to be washed is the clear trace when you drag your nails across the surface. This means that there is some natural oil, dirt and sweat from your hand ingrained in the mouse pad and that it is time to clean it.

Mousepads should not be washed in a washing machine , so we will go through how you can wash your mouse pad by hand with a few simple steps. 

Rinse with lukewarm water

Start by rinsing the mouse pad with lukewarm water, preferably in a tub or sink depending on the size of your mouse pad.

2. Bring a towel and detergent

Bring something to rub with, such as a towel, washcloth or sponge. As a detergent, you can use detergent, dishwashing liquid or some mild detergent such as green soap.

3. Scrub the mouse pad gently

Scrub and rub the mouse pad gently in circles with lukewarm water and detergent. Scrub preferably only the top, as the underside usually has a rubber that can lose some grip if it is rubbed too hard.

4. Rinse off

Rinse the mouse pad under lukewarm water. If this is the first time you wash it in a long time, you can scrub one more time and rinse again to get everything out.

5. Wipe the mouse pad with a towel

Wipe the mouse pad by gently dabbing with a dry towel.

Let the mouse pad dry completely

Hang it up for drying in a drying rack or put on a towel. Avoid drying it in the sun as it may damage the mouse pad. Then let it dry completely before putting it back and using it again.

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