April 16, 2024
17 tips on gifts for a gamer - For all ages

17 tips on gifts for a gamer – For all ages

Looking for a great gift for someone who loves gaming? Perfect, then you have come to the right place! In this guide, we help you find something that impresses the gamer and shows that you have spent time in your gift search.

Whether you are looking for a gaming gift for a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, girl or boy, we have the tips for you. It also does not matter if the gamer plays on computer, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo or mobile. There is something suitable for all types.

Now we take and dive down among our 16 best tips on gifts for a gamer!

1. Lamp with gaming motif

Super Mario Lamp in the form of bricks.  Stylish decor in a gaming room.
Gaming lamp on a hand control that fits perfectly as an interior in a gaming room.  Delicious, stylish and cool.  Is also a perfect gift for a gamer.
Mario lamp star is a fun gadget and thing for the gaming room.  Nice decor and nice design on it.

A cool lamp with a gaming motif increases the coziness of all gaming setups and is a suitable gift for all types of gamers. They give off a discreet light and even look nice when they are not lit. Some of our favorites are the lights above, a little short about these:

  • The first picture shows a  Super Mario build-yourself lamp,  with symbols from the first game. The placement of the blocks as you wish for a unique design.
  • Then we have a nice  hand control lamp in neon , it is also available with several similar motifs.
  • The third light is  Steve from Minecraft , which is the best-selling game of all time.
  • The last in the order is  the star from Super Mario , which fits just as well in the gaming room as on the bedside table.

2. Board with 100 games bucket list

100 games bucket list board that is excellent as decoration for a gaming room.  This is also an appreciated Christmas present and gift for a gamer.
Board with 100 games bucket list.  A fun challenge where you scratch the games you have played.  Cool thing in a gaming room.

A fun and engaging gift for the gamer is the board 100 games bucket list. With it, you should scrape the boxes for the games you have played. The board is  a fun challenge at the same time as it also looks good as an interior in the gaming room.

The mix of games on the board is great and we are 99.99% sure that the recipient of the gift has not played every single one of the games on the board.

Funko POP! collectible figures

Funko POP!  Fortnite Midas a Christmas gift tips and gift tips for gamers.  Whether it's for a boyfriend, boyfriend, girlfriend or girlfriend.
Funko POP!  collector's item from the game Halo.  These are cool and cool desk gadgets to have in the gaming room.
Funko POP!  Torbjörn from Overwatch.  These collectible figures look really good on the shelf or on the desk in the home office and gaming room.

Funko POP! are stylish and well-made collectible figures with everything from real people to fictional figures such as cartoon characters, game characters, movie characters, you name it! If you know what the gamer likes about games, or movies and series for that matter, then you can buy a very personal and appreciated gift.

These stand neatly on a shelf, on the computer desk or elsewhere. Many of these also have a collector’s value , especially those sold in limited editions.

4. Gaming accessories

8Bitdo Pro 2 Gamepad is one of the best controllers for PC, and the best in tests with us.  Adaptable, comfortable and stylish.  Perfect as a Christmas present for gamers.
Razer Viper 8KHz from the side.  A gaming mouse that is the best in test 2021 of wired gaming mice.
Side image of Steel Series Apex Pro TKL.  A slightly smaller keyboard than standard.  Our choice of the best TKL keyboard for gaming 2021.
Black version of the Logitech G733 wireless gaming headset.  Our selection of best gaming headphones mid-range 2021. It is also an excellent choice of gift for a gamer.

If you know that the gamer has had some accessories for a long time, it can be a great opportunity to buy a new one as a gift. A pair of new and comfortable headphones or a new and fresh hand control will make the gaming experience much more fun.

If you need tips and advice before a purchase, we have produced various buying guides for most gaming accessories:

  • PlayStation  | Manual Xbox  | Hand Control Switch  | Hand control PC
  • Gaming mice
  • Gaming headphones
  • Gaming keyboard

5. Nanoleaf Smart Lighting

Picture of Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagons, flexible and really nice light plates in different shapes.  Incredibly leaky and perfect as an interior in a gaming room.

Nanoleaf is a favorite with us and an excellent choice of gift for a gamer with his own little haunt! Their  smart and flexible light panels  can be matched and assembled exactly as you want. In addition to changing brightness and switching between 16 million colors, these can also be synced with music or screen activity , as you can see in the images above. 

Nanoleaf is available as squares, hexagons or triangles and can be combined completely freely between the shapes. They are controlled either via app, touch or smart assistants such as Apple HomeKit, Alexa or Google Assistant. 

6. A computer game / video game

The video game Elden Ring for PS5 - An excellent gift for a gamer.

fun game that the gamer can play on a computer or console is an appreciated gift if you have a little hum about what the person is interested in for games.

Remember to keep track of which platform the gift recipient is playing on, so that it will be right. At most retailers, you can sort the games for the various consoles Playstation, Xbox, Switch and for computer.

7. Merchandise from games

The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt_ Heart of Stone The Geralt Deluxe Statue is a statue from the popular The Witcher 3. A Merchandise that many gamers like to receive as a gift.

Merchandise from something you like is always nice. In gaming, it is common with action figures and collectibles from games that you have on the gaming table or on the shelf. In other words, it is a perfect gift to give away!

There are also cool garments with game motifs that are suitable as a gift, the most common are t-shirts with stylish gaming-inspired prints.

8. Smart RGB list controlled via app

A smart LED strip with RGB adds color to a gaming room.  Perfect for interior design as it is possible to vary and renew the look all the time.

RGB lighting is incredibly popular to use around gaming equipment. With this smart RGB LED strip, the gamer can put any color on their setup. Available both as a regular LED strip and with lavish neon.

The LED strip is easily controlled via an app where you can adjust the brightness and change between 16 million colors, in addition, it is possible to create different time schedules! Assembly is easy via double-sided adhesive tape.

9. Zenkuru back massage

Give away a gift that increases the well-being of the gamer! Zenkuru has developed this removable back massage , which has become very popular. It can be placed in most places, such as the gaming chair , sofa or car.

The flexible machine provides an in-depth 3D shiatsu massage from the neck down to the lumbar spine. Perfect for softening stiff muscles after sitting down and playing for a while.

10. Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite is a tip for a Christmas present and gift for a gamer.
Nintendo Switch Lite is a light and flexible handheld game console that is a great gift for a gamer who is traveling a lot.

Nintendo Switch Lite is a flexible and handheld game console with low weight which is a suitable and good gift for the gamer to use e.g. on the go or outdoors. For the console you can e.g. buy different Mario games and Zelda games.

11. Gaming chair

Arozzi Mezzo V2 Fabric in blue design is the best gaming chair in the middle class 2021. Soft padding and high comfort from the Swedish brand with Italian blade on name and model name.  Looks really good in a gaming setup.

As a gamer, you usually sit for a long time in a row, which makes a comfortable and robust gaming chair an appreciated gift. Today, there are gaming chairs that are similar to office chairs , such as  Secretlab TITAN Evo  above in the first picture. There is also the more classic gaming chair with colorful equipment, such as  the Arozzi Mezzo  in picture number two.

12. Console-themed lamp

Xbox hand control lamp is perfect to give as a gift to someone who loves Xbox.

For the gamer who plays games on PlayStation or Xbox, these lights are a fun and pleasant gift. Perfect as a decoration in a gaming room or as a stylish night light by the bed. 

13. The world’s smallest arcade game

The world's smallest arcade game is a cool and fun gadget for gaming rooms.  A good complement to a gaming setup and does well as an interior as well.

An arcade game machine is both fun and looks cool, unfortunately the big classic machines are incredibly expensive and take up a lot of space. Luckily, there’s this cool little gadget named the World’s Smallest Arcade Game. With 26 different games , this offers a fun break from the computer or TV, at the same time it makes itself a fun topic of conversation for guests and something that most people will want to try.

14. Minikyl

Coca Cola Mini Cooler - Great to have as an interior in a gaming room.  Also a great gift for a gamer.

For many gamers, a mini fridge at the computer / game console is a dream come true, making it a fun and appreciated gift . With a mini fridge, the gamer can have cold drinks and snacks within easy reach , to replenish energy when playing.

In the pictures above you can see four different types of mini refrigerators, a little short about these:

  • The first picture shows the model  Chillquiet , which is quiet and  very spacious for its size. It also has a lock that allows the gamer to have the goodies to themselves.
  • The second fridge is a really cool model that mimics the famous  Marshall speaker . It also looks great as an interior detail in addition to its cooling properties!
  • Number three is a mini fridge with a glass front that carries Carlsberg ‘s logo and well-known slogan. This refrigerator is also equipped with other brands, such as. Kopparbergs ,  Guinness ,  Stella Artios  and  Budweiser .
  • The fourth mini cooler is designed as a Coca Cola jar and holds up to 12 jars. In addition to a cool design, it can also be moved easily with the help of the handle on the top.

15. PlayStation and Xbox charging station

PlayStation Charging Station is perfect as a Christmas present or gift for a gamer.  This makes charging very smooth.
Xbox Charging Station HyperX Chargeplay Duo charges two controllers at the same time, a gift tip for a gamer who has an Xbox at home.  Perfect as a Christmas present for gamers.

A charging station makes the charging of hand controls super flexible and is a really good gift for the console player. The above charging station for PlayStation fits both the new PS5 and older PS4. Same thing with the Xbox charging station, it fits both controls for the new Xbox Series X | S and older Xbox One.

16. Universal headphone holder

With a headphone holder, the headset hangs neatly and neatly and you know where you have it.  A great gift to buy for a gamer.

With a flexible headphone holder, the gamer can get more space on the table, find the headphones easier and protect from unnecessary bumps and scratches. This stylish model in white is robust and stands firmly on the computer table.

17. Gift card at a store with gaming gadgets

If you do not know what to buy for someone who likes gaming as a gift or Christmas present, a gift in a store with gaming gadgets is perfect.

Of course, there is the classic gift card to give away as well, sometimes it is simply better to let gift recipients choose the gift themselves. It is of course good if the gift card is bought in a store that has many different gaming gadgets to choose from , we suggest some below.

Summary of gifts for gamers

Here we take and summarize all our 17 best tips on gifts for a gamer. We have chosen to mix both cheap and slightly more expensive gifts and both large and small. We are convinced that there is something fun and suitable for all types of gamers in our list. Hope we have helped you find inspiration for your gift!

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