April 21, 2024
Clean screen - How to clean your computer screen & TV screen

Clean screen – How to clean your computer screen & TV screen

Both a computer screen and a TV screen accumulate dust, bacteria and other dirt over time. It degrades the screen image and it also makes it unhygienic and stale.

In this article, we have made a step-by-step guide on how to best wash your computer screen and TV screen and clean it of dirt and dust. At the same time, we go through what you should avoid so as not to damage the screen during cleaning.

1. Before you start cleaning the screen

To begin with, the screen should be turned off and completely disconnected. It should also have been turned off for a while so that it is cold . If you have a pair of gloves for cleaning at home, we recommend that you bring them out and use them, especially to avoid new fingerprints and stains.

2. Dust dryer with microfiber cloth

Start by taking a clean and dry  microfiber cloth  and gently pull around the screen, to clean it from dust and other loose. It is important to use a soft and fine material such as a microfiber cloth, so that the screen is not damaged. Avoid using kitchen paper and the like when cleaning screens as it may scratch and make small scratches.

A microfiber cloth that can be used to clean screen, both computer screen and TV screen.

3. Clean the screen

Then take a clean  microfiber cloth  and moisten it lightly with water . Then take the damp cloth and make round light movements on the screen , avoid pressing too hard. Moisten a little at a time if the cloth becomes dry, if you use too much water or spray directly on the screen, it is easy for it to become flammable.

If a screen is really dirty and unhygienic, the above method is not always enough, but then we have to move on to the next step.

4. Deep cleaning of the screen

To get a computer screen or TV screen completely stain-free and hygienic , there are flexible  cleaning packages , which include specially developed cleaning fluid and cleaning cloths. The liquid is sprayed directly into the microfiber cloth and then you make the same type of round and light movements around the screen as above.

Another good solution for cleaning monitors is  wet wipes with cleaning fluid . With these, you just have to pick up and swipe directly across the screen and thanks to the fact that they are made of soft material, the screen is not damaged.

Remember to avoid strong cleaning agents such as window cleaning, these agents can damage a screen. Always use cleaning agents that have been developed for monitors that are available on computers, televisions and mobile phones.

A kit for cleaning screens.  Both for computer and TV.
Cleaning package for screens
Wet wipes developed for cleaning screens.  With these you can wash clean computer screen and TV screen.
Wet wipes for screen cleaning

Frequently asked questions about screen cleaning

How often should a screen be cleaned?

As with most other electronics, a screen should be cleaned regularly. Our recommendation is to wash them clean at 3-6 month intervals, depending on how much the screen is used.

Why clean the screen?

Perhaps the most obvious thing is that you see better, which is especially important in gaming. But another important aspect that you may forget is that even screens accumulate bacteria and other unpleasant things, especially if it is used by several people.

Do the above tips work for all types of screens?

Yes, regardless of whether you have a plasma, OLED or LCD from Samsung, LG or another manufacturer, the above tips work. It is also applicable for mobiles and tablets such as. iPad and Galaxy.

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