April 15, 2024
Horizon Forbidden West - Weapon and Armor Coils Guide

Horizon Forbidden West – Weapon and Armor Coils Guide

In this guide to the reels for weapons and armor  of Horizon Forbidden West , avoiding spoilers about the new experience of Aloy , at least in the first part, we want to deepen their use and give you which bit to make the most of them.

Within the title there are a truly incredible variety of coils obviously useful for upgrading your favorite weapons and armor and more. What you need to know and that must be taken into consideration is very simple, the weapons inside Horizon Forbidden West are of various kinds and each has a quantity of usable coils in a certain number.

The use of these coils must be very specific, because for example if you have a coil that gives your weapon or armor + 25% to the defense, to get the same effect on another tool you will have to find another identical one, otherwise you will no longer be able to get the same boost effect.

As we have anticipated there is an incredible variety of these reels , you can customize practically everything according to your style of play (defensive, aggressive, etc ..).

Horizon Forbidden code guide

To get them obviously you will have to face many machines, which will randomly give you many, or you can buy them, and as a last resort you will find them by completing some specific missions. It should also be emphasized that the more we upgrade the weapon or armor in question, it will sometimes happen that the reel slots will also increase so as to make it even more performing.

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