April 21, 2024
Horizon Forbidden West - Guide on how to catch the Hang Glider (Alascudo)

Horizon Forbidden West – Guide on how to catch the Hang Glider (Alascudo)

Horizon Forbidden West has finally arrived on PS4 and PS5 , and in this guide we want to explain everything about Hang Gliding , avoiding spoilers in the first part.

It should be emphasized right away, without providing any anticipation on the plot of Horizon Forbidden West in this guide to take the Hang Glider, that the object cannot be “lost”, and that in fact it is obtained automatically in the course of the game’s history by Aloy .

In case you want to avoid spoilers, we therefore advise you to stop reading here, since you will only have to play a few hours to finally be able to put your hand to it.

Below we will explain the exact moment when Aloy gets the Hang Glider in Horizon Forbidden West, so beware of spoilers.

Horizon Forbidden West

Here is the guide on how to take the hang glider in Horizon Forbidden West

The happy event takes place following the battle against the Slayer Regalla , at the gates of the game’s prologue, before the real world opens up to the players, allowing them to glide here and there thanks to the object, and in some cases even managing to solve puzzles that are part of the plot (by the way, on the advice of Aloy herself).

It is possible to use the device in almost any moment of the game, simply by holding down the square button when jumping, with the whole being obviously effective when starting from not indifferent heights. Thanks to the device it is possible to circumvent enemies starting from higher positions , avoid damage from large falls, and also carry out attacks from above , all actions that in the immense open world designed by Guerrilla Games are particularly useful.

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