April 16, 2024
Horizon: Forbidden West, all mounts: how many ride-on cars are there?

Horizon: Forbidden West, all mounts: how many ride-on cars are there?

Also in  Horizon: Forbidden West , as in the previous  Zero Dawn , the possibility of  taking advantage of mounts is back . These are, in reality, hostile machines that Aloy can  override , that is, that he tamper with to make them tame and ride them – using them as a means of travel for his adventures.

How do you unlock mounts and how can you tell if a car is rideable? Let’s see it in our guide to all  Horizon: Forbidden West mounts .

All mounts in Horizon: Forbidden West

There are  four ride-on cars in the game , one of which is flying. Specifically, let’s talk about the following machines:


  • Where to find override : already unlocked at the start of the game
  • Type of machine : terrestrial

As the name suggests, the Ferrariete follows the behavior of the ram and also allows you to attack enemies with its horns. It is quite quick and agile in its movements, making it one of the best machines for moving on land.

Aloy riding a Ferrariete


  • Where to find ovverride : Tau Workshop (in the center of the map, just east of the Base)
  • Type of machine : terrestrial

This large machine can be ridden and allows, in some missions, to find buried “treasures”, which it can locate thanks to its powerful fangs. It moves rather slowly and is not very maneuverable in tight spaces, but it is sturdy and reliable.


  • Where to find override:  Cauldron Iota (in the north center of the map, just east of Morsalato)
  • Type of machine : terrestrial

Very agile for combat and travel, it allows you to quickly put a good distance between you and other hostile machines in case of chases. It will give you satisfaction with its great maneuverability.

A windbreak


  • Where to find override : Gemini Cauldron (story mission)
  • Machine type : steering wheel

During a specific story mission ( we talked about it here ) you will be able to unlock the override to this very agile flying machine, which is perfect for quickly exploring the open world of  Forbidden West and to get away from even dangerous situations.

You can always recall it from the quick commands at the bottom left of the screen. If it gets destroyed before you can fix it, presumably because it will try to defend you while you are attacked by other machines, you’ll need to find a new one and override it.

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