April 14, 2024
Platinum guide in Horizon: Forbidden West: how hard it is to platinum and tricks

Platinum guide in Horizon: Forbidden West: how hard it is to platinum and tricks

Many gamers love to compete with the  Trophies to collect and those of  Horizon: Forbidden West are certainly no exception. Aloy’s most recent adventure offers a fair number of Trophies to unlock, which must be obtained in order to finally aspire to Platinum, to be displayed in front of friends.

But how hard is it to platinum  Horizon: Forbidden West ? Are there any Trophies that can be lost? Let’s see some of our tricks to be able to platinum the game without too much difficulty.

The Horizon: Forbidden West Trophies: An Overview

The game includes  59 Trophies in total and it is possible to  get them all even while simply playing the story . Furthermore,  Forbidden West does not include, at the time of writing this guide, the  New Game + , so it goes without saying that it does not require an additional run to complete everything.

In total, the Trophies are divided as follows:

  • 50 bronze
  • 7 silver
  • 1 gold
  • 1 platinum

They are in the vast majority of cases easy to obtain Trophies, which do not require you to put together a disproportionate number of collectibles as it happens in some games, or which require you to have completed everything 100% to be able to shout at Platinum.

And Platinum it was!

How hard is it to platinum?

The answer is:  very little . The game does not have Completist Trophies that may force you to repeat an activity many times to get all the possible rewards. In some cases, for example, if he asks you to unlock a Trophy with races – to name an easily understandable one – he doesn’t want you to win all the races, but just win two.

Think the same way with other mini-games, like Mechanical Knockout. The only Trophies to pay attention to are those that  can be lost (only one, we see it immediately) and those related to  melee pits , particularly frustrating to complete precisely because they are explained and integrated rather poorly within the game.

For the rest, the Trophies are very simple to obtain and just by completing the story you will get many. Others are dedicated to the secondary missions of the characters of your base, while several are related to machines. In this guide we will see  some tips and tricks to keep in mind – without cheating, ever – to get your Trophies more easily.

Are there any Trophies you can get lost in the story of Horizon: Forbidden West?

Here is our first tip, which is in the answer to this question:  yes, you can miss the “All Kinds of Machines Tested” trophy if you don’t pay attention, throughout the story.

We don’t want to spoil but always remember to  scan a new car when it comes in front of you, even more so if it’s one you’ve never seen or  if you’re facing a boss fight .

There are machines that are only present in boss fights – one in particular – and therefore it will no longer be possible to recover them if you do not analyze them with the focus before destroying them.

Recently, an update also made sure that if you had scanned the aforementioned lost machine, then died in the fight and tried again, the entry would still be saved in Aloy’s notebook.

This is because several players had scanned the boss but, after the game over, they had not repeated the procedure on the new attempt, thus finding themselves unable to unlock the Trophy. However, the problem was resolved by a recent retroactive patch.

Remember to always use Focus to analyze new machines

Attention also to the arena

If it is true that there are some trophies dedicated to activities such  as melee pits ,  racing or  hunting grounds , do not underestimate the arena (to which a Trophy is dedicated in turn).

Apart from the boss that we have already mentioned, in fact, it could also be possible to miss the scan (and the destruction, required for the Trophy “All the destroyed fighting machines” of the Corruptors .

The good news is that  the Corrupters can be challenged in the Arena adjacent to the wood of memory, so don’t worry if their voice doesn’t appear in your notebook yet: you can analyze them and destroy them there as many times as you want. Consult our guide for all types of machines for any extra indications.

Machine-related trophies

There are several Trophies that are directly related to the machines, according to the different types. Let’s see together  which ones are affected by each Trophy .

All acquisition machines killed

  • Plow
  • Celermorso
  • Cervavito
  • Codalesta
  • Cornaguzze
  • Ferrariete
  • Gel claw
  • Grandifauci
  • Long face
  • Rogeclaw
  • Scavenger
  • Digger
  • Emery
  • Solcasole
  • Scavenger
  • Rockbreaker
  • Spinocero

All reconnaissance machines killed

  • Pipe Cleaner
  • Foraterra
  • Longipede
  • Red-eye lookout

All fighting machines killed

  • Alabestia
  • Aspident
  • Stormbreaker
  • Corruptor (see previous paragraph)
  • Thunder devouring
  • Gusciatroce
  • Tracker
  • Mastiff
  • Raider
  • Bloodhorn
  • Specter
  • Specter Prime
  • Death Spin
  • Windbreak
  • Tremorzanna

All transport machines killed

  • Arcapode
  • Whiptail
  • Colossus
  • Gurnard
  • Manticerius

Tricks for the Long Glide Trophy

One Trophy that might give you a hard  time is Long Glide Completed , which requires you to glide with your alascudo for  60 consecutive seconds . Our recommendation is to first complete the “Wings of the Ten” mission to learn how to fly – find our guide here .

At that point, scan the map for a particularly high peak (such as the one above the Base, where you override the Solcasole) overlooking a very, very distant plain. In our case, we got the Trophy by launching into the void with a view of Cantopuro, so that the glide was so long that it took more than 60 seconds to land.

The trick is to find a very high peak overlooking a plain with a very distant landing point. Take advantage of the ability to fly to reach heights otherwise impossible to climb easily.

Once you can fly, choosing the peak from which to launch the alascudo will be much easier

Defeated mechanical beating players: practical advice

If you are not really a master of  Mechanical Knockout , know that there is a Trophy that requires you to beat two different players at least once. To do this, we recommend that you hunt for players with an  easy challenge level , indicated when you interact with them.

To begin with, beat the Aspracatena player after completing the tutorial, which offers a very basic level of challenge. From there, you could decide to move to Arid Light, which being an initial area of ​​the game offers in turn a very low level of challenge and should not give you too many headaches to bring home the victory.

Melee Pits Tips and Tricks

Ironically, a complicated Trophy to obtain could be the one related to  melee pits , which asks you to defeat the Indomitable. To be able to face this legendary warrior, however, you will need to have completed the melee pits of Aspracatena, Spearman, Bastion and Neraspina.

However, you will notice for yourself that the tutorial of these melee fights is forgettable – to put it mildly – and in several cases you will find yourself mostly cursing not understanding what the game is asking you to do. A useful piece of advice we can tell you is that things get easier when you understand that  the last attack of a sequence and the first of the next can be chained together .

If the attack of the first sequence ends with R2, consider that pressure of R2 also with the opening move of the next chain of combo, instead of pressing the key again. By understanding this logic, it will be much easier to perform the evolutions that the game will require you to do.

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