April 21, 2024
Horizon Forbidden West - Guide to all collectibles and activities

Horizon Forbidden West – Guide to all collectibles and activities

Horizon Forbidden West , a new title from Guerrilla Games , offers many collectibles and activities in its game world, which we want to deepen in the course of this guide dedicated to the game.

We are talking specifically about a myriad of events and places to find in the game world , and we want to refer you to all our dedicated guides to help you complete each objective.

Taking the opportunity, and reminding you that this Horizon Forbidden West guide to collectibles and activities does not contain spoilers but the others could (under due notice), we also refer you to our review of the game, you can find it here .

For the most part, the game world guides users in finding each activity, but it is still often necessary to proceed with some little help to make your work easier, even managing to get the Platinum Trophy after you have completed each objective, find a proposal here our specific guide .

Horizon guide was from melee

So let’s discover all the collectibles of Horizon Forbidden West in this dedicated guide


  • Ruins of the Relics  (here the dedicated guide)
  • Signal Towers  (here the dedicated guide)
  • 12 Black Boxes  (here the dedicated guide)
  • Observation Points  (here the dedicated guide)
  • 10 Observation Drones  (here the dedicated guide)
  • War Totems (in update)

Points of Interest

  • Collulunghi  (here the dedicated guide)
  • Arena  (here the dedicated guide)
  • Hunting Grounds  (here the dedicated guide)
  • Calderoni  (here the dedicated guide)
  • Melee Pit  (here the dedicated guide)
  • Camps of the Rebels  (here the dedicated guide)
  • 17 Outposts of the Rebels  (here the dedicated guide)
  • Corse  (here the dedicated guide)

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