April 16, 2024
Horizon Forbidden West - Hunting Grounds Guide

Horizon Forbidden West – Hunting Grounds Guide

Leaving for the boundless world of Horizon Forbidden West is not a simple thing, least of all if you approach the Hunting Grounds without knowing what you will encounter. Similarly to the first chapter, Horizon Zero Dawn , the game will confront you with different types of hunting grounds and will ask you to perform certain challenges in a set time limit.

By completing challenge after challenge, you will receive various immediate rewards such as resources and specific items , and you will also get relics that can be spent in the game world to redeem rare items. There are three challenges for each terrain you will approach, each of which will ask you to perform a predetermined action within the time limit that the game allows you, by calculating what result you have obtained, you will be rewarded accordingly.

The earth is dying. Violent storms and an unstoppable plague plague what little remains of humanity , as new and terrifying machines hunt along the borders. Life on Earth seems destined for a new extinction and no one knows why.

Let’s find out in this guide what you need to know about the Horizon Forbidden West Hunting Grounds

Hunting Ground 1: Fear

  • Challenge 1 – Hide in the grass, scanning enemies for energy cells, shooting them with your bow and knocking them down in one or two shots. Grab everything quickly and escape.
  • Challenge 2 – Equip the electric warbow provided for the test and highlight the batteries again, shooting them and waiting for them to explode, making sure you kill three enemies this way. It may be necessary to repeat this several times.
  • Challenge 3 – You will be able to highlight the traps present with the focus, activate them when machines approach, electrifying them at the opportunity to complete the objective.

Hunting Ground 2: Cantopur

  • Challenge 1 – Just take the crates without damaging any cars, moving slowly, since you will have a lot of time.
  • Challenge 2 – Highlight the path of the machines and follow them by killing them one by one without being seen, helping you if you want by using the grappling hook on the various pillars.
  • Challenge 3 – This time the number drops to two, you will need to use the grappling hook and press circle before arriving, throwing yourself in the air. Then activate the grappling hook, glide over the cars and make the kills.

Hunting Grounds 3: Costaripida Mountains

  • Challenge 1 – You will have to freeze the machines by shooting the machines (avoiding the pockets they carry on the back) with any freezing weapon, simply repeating until the effect is applied. At that point, it will be necessary to break them.
  • Challenge 2 – Use the required weapon, buying it from the merchant in case you don’t have it. You can shoot any car.
  • Challenge 3 – In this case the plasma weapon is necessary, which you can buy from the nearby hunter. You will need to shoot the machine in the center with the weapon without killing it, applying the full effect and waiting for the plasma to explode.

Hunting Ground 4: The Tracciapioggia

  • Challenge 1 – Use electric weapons while continuing to shoot at the machines, continuing to hit when they are on the ground.
  • Challenge 2 – Making sure you have the right Override, do it on the car near the entrance, killing the ones on the right as you ride it, and then reaching the last one on the left side. Be careful not to get distracted by the Tremorzanna.
  • Challenge 3 – Aiming at a precision weapon, shoot the guns of the machine before it sees you for advantage.

It will be up to Aloy to discover the secrets behind these pitfalls to restore order and balance to the world. On this journey he will meet old acquaintances, forge alliances with new warring factions and shed light on the legacy of the ancient past, all while trying to get the better of a seemingly invincible enemy. Time will play against our heroine but with our help from her we will lead her to her victory.

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