April 15, 2024
Horizon: Forbidden West, like swimming deep

Horizon: Forbidden West, like swimming deep

One thing that  Horizon: Forbidden West delves into significantly compared to the previous  Zero Dawn is undoubtedly the  ability to swim . Aloy can now dive deep to discover resources (but also dangerous machines) submerged in the water. You will find yourself in front of lost ruins, cities hidden by the water, but also caves with precious resources and underwater passages that allow you to bypass the barriers that you would find on the surface.

However, at the beginning of the game our heroine will have a limit to the time of her dives, given by freediving:  how do you swim deep to be able to explore freely? Let’s see it in our guide.

How to swim deep in Horizon: Forbidden West

If you’ve spotted a secondary mission or a submerged resource, but don’t know how to get there, don’t worry: you’re not doing anything wrong and no, there’s no way to get there if you haven’t yet unlocked the special gear for deep swimming .

Swimming deep will also help you with a certain Collolungo …

To get it you have to  go on with the story , until you get to the mission  “The sea of ​​sand” . During its development, Aloy with some allies will be able to build a diving mask that will allow her to remain in apnea for a long time, thus removing the limit given by the need to breathe that prompted you to return to the surface after a few seconds to do not die. From that point on, you can always swim deep in  Horizon: Forbidden West .

All you have to do, therefore, is to go on with the story missions and then return to the points of interest submerged in depth only once you have obtained the diving mask. Once done, you won’t have to do anything to equip it: as soon as she dives, Aloy will wear it spontaneously, allowing you to explore the underwater areas of the game world in total freedom.

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