April 16, 2024


The Bárbaro or Bárbara is a class in Rogue Legacy 2 that I personally must say that I like a lot since it seems to me to be a very good class.

Where it stands out the most is in the good damage it does (especially with its ground attack, which is always critical), in the enormous amount of Vitality it has (which is always a fable) and that in addition to all this, it also has a Very interesting talent that can make our lives a lot easier if we are in a dangerous situation against several enemies, for example.


We can unlock the Barbarian by upgrading the Fortress “talent tree”. It is one of the easiest classes to unlock, just like the Mage , the Valkyrie or the Ranger; you’ll find the upgrade that unlocks it (it ‘s called “Butcher Shop “) in the center column of the Stronghold, just 2 spaces above the space where we unlocked the Ranger .


  • super life
  • good mana.
  • +20% Vitality.

Looking at the  statistics,  not bad since we have a very high life as standard, which will also be increased by that bonus of +20% Vitality . It may seem that it would be better to have some more offensive bonus (and in fact it would be nice), but I must say that the Barbarian does a lot of damage by himself and does not need that at all and in the end … Life is something fundamental in Rogue Legacy 2 and it shows to carry a Barbarian in that sense.

In terms of mana, you see, it’s also good, little more to add.


Labris is a very worthwhile two-handed ax because it deals a lot of damage and while it’s a bit slow (at least the ground attack), its power and decent range make it very powerful. Let’s talk about the 3 different attacks we can do with it:

  1. Ground Attack : Very powerful forward blow with enough range since we cover both the top and the front when hitting that causes very good damage and that on top of that it will always be critical, which makes it very worthwhile. He packs some serious punches with this, and even if he hits a little slow, every hit is very noticeable.
  2. Impulse Attack : The truth is that this is a birria and I don’t recommend it, it causes very little damage, but… it has a trick, let’s get to it.
  3. Air Attack : We will spin around in the air and while we stay in the air we will hit constantly, it is little damage but you will hit very fast. The trick is that we can increase the time in the air by means of the impulse and even with the double jump to cause much more damage. Now that the topic comes up, I’ll leave you here the Inheritance post in case you haven’t unlocked those skills yet.

Oh, and regarding the aerial attack there is a trick and that is to get the ability to fly, if you attack you will stay in the air infinitely and you will become a whirlwind of constant blows; the truth is that it is very cool.


A Talent that the truth is that it is very interesting. We will emit an area scream (the area is quite large) with which we will destroy the projectiles that we hit with the scream and we will also freeze the enemies so that they stay still without doing anything so that we can defeat them in a moment. Suffice it to say that this is tremendous because of the great utility it brings us and because it makes things quite easy for us, especially when we are surrounded by many enemies and things get tricky. This Talent recharges upon being hit.


And to no one’s surprise, we have Vitality like the Barbarian or Barbarian Mastery, which of course along with our high base health plus the 20% bonus we get on our stats (+ the % you get for the Mastery itself) It will make us have a colossal amount of life compared to most of the other classes in Rogue Legacy 2.

Regarding this, what has already been mentioned, having a lot of Life is greatly appreciated in this game and although I usually prefer things related to doing damage… it is not so relevant anyway because we will already do a lot of damage as standard and therefore be able to at least improve our survival Due to the high health we will have, it is very good.

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