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The Enoch Estuary is the fourth boss of Rogue Legacy 2 and well, I don’t want to spoil it ahead of time, but it comes with a surprise that we will inevitably have to comment on in the section on how to defeat him; If you simply want to know how to unlock him, then don’t read the battle guide, he will be below, and that’s it.

It must be said that it is a somewhat complicated boss, from the start (and not so from the start, due to the little surprise) it seems very dodgy, but you will see that in the end it is not that bad and in my opinion it ends up being a boss of medium difficulty; something that of course is subjective because it will depend on your ability, how much you have improved your characters, etc… But well, in general terms it seems to me that it is so.

The case, let’s go with your guide!


That said, he is the fourth boss and therefore we will find him in the fourth zone, which is the Stygian Study. You’ll be able to find his combat zone more or less in the upper part of the map (which, since it’s random, you know, I can’t give you the exact location, but yes, shoot up). However, for a change we will find that the boss’s door is blocked on this occasion with a couple of portraits where the people are not shown and in his place his silhouette appears in black.

Each square is a mini-boss that you will find randomly around the Stygian Study map and to get to one of them you will need the Void Bell inheritance from PallasThe case, I leave you an orientation of the bosses:

  • You will normally find one in the lower area of ​​the map and you will have to dodge a lot of obstacles until you reach a kind of boss that is like a wall that launches projectiles, you will have to dodge them and hit him; It’s a bit annoying, really.
  • The other one is in the East area normally and it is a confrontation with some kind of armored knights, there will be 2. It is somewhat complicated because there are 2 and they have enough life, but in reality they will not be a huge challenge.

You defeat them once is enough and it doesn’t matter if you die, I mean, you can kill one of them, die, and then kill the other. From there you will have the door permanently unlocked.


This time the fight will be in 3 phases:


These will be his attacks in this first phase:

  • Eye Fireballs : He will start spamming a lot of fireballs more or less towards your direction (a little scattered), dodging them will not be easy, but you will have to try. Anything you have that allows you to destroy medium projectiles will come in handy, see the Valkyrie talent for example. Be careful because at the end of the attack he will throw purple barriers at you that you will have to dodge or go through with your dark impulse.
  • Fireball Burst : Typical attack in which he will launch fireballs in all directions creating a circle, it is much easier to dodge this, especially if you are not very close to him because obviously the further you go the greater the distance between the balls of fire. However, that’s not the only thing because when performing the attack, it also creates a red circle around it that you must get out of quickly or it will damage you.
  • Column of Death : Somewhere in the combat area a semi-transparent red wall will appear and as you can imagine, you should avoid standing there because after a while it will become a kind of very powerful red kamehameha.
  • Load : The typical load attack, it will be launched towards you and if you touch it, it will hurt you; easy to dodge, but if you go melee you will eat it very often unless you are the god of reflexes.
  • Purple Circle : Some purple balls will appear around us orbiting. We will have to wait a while until they come together and make an impulse to pass them.
  • Blue Skulls : It will create several small red circles that you will have to avoid and from them those blue skulls will come out so tiresome that they chase us to damage us but luckily you can eliminate them with a blow so that they do not bother us.

Also keep in mind that in the combat area you will find some of those scrolls that are so annoying that they create red zones that you have to get out of. There are many things, but if you concentrate on dodging them and do not go too smart and get too aggressive with the boss, you can do it; the key is that: Priority 1, dodge. Priority 2, damage.

As advice, tell you that the Montaraz class will greatly facilitate the battle because it can do very good damage at a distance; which does not mean that with a melee class you will not be able to, I defeated him with the Barbarian  and the truth is that between the beatings he hits and the great health he has, it became quite bearable (not a walk in the field either , obviously, I spent more combat dodging than attacking, but at least when I attacked I made a mess and the health factor was very noticeable because it allowed me to be able to eat quite a few hits without dying; that’s also adding the armor, which is super good to mitigate damage ).


When you lower his life to 50%, he will enter phase 2. Here it will be exactly the same, only that he will summon some purple balls that will orbit around him at a moderate distance and that obviously annoy him.


After “defeating him” a huge chest will appear that will turn out to be one of those mimics (the bad chests) in a huge version and that apparently is the real Enoch. Luckily this part is not very complicated, but of course, it is like a boss after another boss and if you die you will have to defeat Enoch Estuary again (from the beginning, come on).

The case, these will be his attacks:

  • Boti Boti : I don’t know if I classify it as an attack, but well, it will start jumping from side to side and you will have to avoid it touching you. The key is to get close to him so that he jumps to one side, then to the other (with you staying in the center) and this while you release attacks. If you catch the point you will lower his life a lot doing this and it is practically the only moment where it is viable to attack him.
  • Explosive Potions : It will start throwing potions that explode, forget about attacking and dodge them.
  • Poisonous Coins : It will run across the screen from side to side and will leave a trail of green coins that if you touch will hurt you, these coins will cover the entire floor at the end, so you must bounce on Enoch and use the dash and the double jump to make sure you never hit the ground.

You’ll see how with the boti boti trick you do it in a jiffy.


By defeating Estuary Enoch we will obtain the following rewards:

  • Gold, Ingots, Blood and Souls. The usual, without further ado, I don’t know why I keep this section in the guides of these bosses, it doesn’t really add much to this anymore.

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