April 14, 2024


Traits are without a doubt one of the most interesting mechanics and one that in turn we have to take into account in Rogue Legacy 2 since the fact that an heir has one or the other can be an incredible advantage or disadvantage compared to the others. .

These are basically a series of quirks that they will have randomly and there is a bit of everything. Some will make the character much more powerful and some will even kill you in one hit, so be very careful. Especially considering that until you choose an heir with said trait, you won’t even know what it does… and of course you’re in for a few surprises.

The mechanics themselves seem brutal to me, but leaving that aside… in this post the idea is to show you all these features and tell you, in my opinion, which ones are worth it, which ones are not, or in what situations I recommend each one of them. Hey, let’s go there!


  • +28% Gold.

This is a very interesting feature since it will mean that regardless of the class that said character has, his weapon and his talent are completely random , so you can get practically anything. I got a Wizard with a Portable Ballista (which is a mythical weapon) and for obvious reasons it was a disaster.


  • +30% Gold.

In itself it does not affect anything but personally it bothers me a lot. We will not see the damage we cause , which does not mean that it is still there; but well, you know, you go more blindly through life and that bothers a lot. Yes, it can affect you in the sense that you do not know if an enemy has a lot or little life left and that is an important fact to always take into account to take one strategy or another.


  • +60% Gold.

Terrible trait. When you take damage the screen will go black and therefore the safest thing is that if you are in a dangerous situation you will catch from all sides. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy to avoid this trait.


Great feature to acquire improvements and others since it will make us have a 15% discount in all stores . It has no bad part.


Be careful with this one because at first it seems that it is not worth it, but it has its uses and it was phenomenal for me. Basically we will have twice the life with the drawback that we will not be able to heal ourselves in any way. What use is this? It’s the key to going for a boss, the idea is that you go for him in a bag avoiding all possible damage along the way (ignore enemies and others) so that you can face him with a tremendous amount of health (if you do well, of course).


  • +30% Gold.

Typical feature that you should get because it does not affect anything and increases the gold you get. The game will turn into a black and white version , without further ado.


I wonder if it will be an Undertale reference… our character will be white and the only thing that will be visible will be our heart. It is tremendous because what he does is that we will only receive damage if they hit us in the heart , which since it is very small, it will be very difficult for them to hit us. We also lose 25% of life, but come on, it’s worth it because it will be extremely difficult for them to hit you, this trait even breaks some bosses.


For characters that generate very good mana like the Mage it is very good since our Spells will deal double damage but will also consume double mana. Low mana classes be careful because you might even run into not being able to cast Spells because of their cost.


  • +30% Gold.

Objects such as food, coins or ingots will fly away when they appear (they will have a great impulse and after this they will end up standing still). Let’s see, this is somewhat annoying, but in my opinion if it is worth it for the 30% Gold bonus that we will obtain, it will take a little longer to collect objects, but come on, that is not a big deal either.


  • +6o% Gold.

A horrifying feature since the entire screen will be completely black except for a spotlight that will follow us , which will be the only thing we see, so we will not see anything beyond what our character has two meters or so from himself; avoid it at all costs.


  • +30% Gold.

I don’t like it at all since it will make you fly when you get hit , so it will be easy for more enemies to hit you in response or hit spikes and that kind of thing. Nothing recommended.


  • +30% Gold.

It is not worth anything, basically we will be very small , which translates into a lousy range and even limited movements since we will jump less and move less through the dash and others. The only advantage is that it will cost more to hit you, but for me this aspect is not worth it considering the above. Out of tune (you have it a bit higher) is the hyper-improved version of this trait.


Contrary to Ectomorph, taking damage will not push you at all. It might feel a little weird but it’s actually a good thing since after the hits, getting pushed will usually only lead to bad things.


We will have 20% less health (which is not cool at all) but in return we will be able to see all the chests on the map (even if we have not entered the room); The truth is that I don’t like it at all because at the end of the day we can already see the chests when entering that room and losing health for something like that doesn’t seem worth it to me.


  • +30% Gold.

Trait that I think refers to something from Kpop, forgive me in that sense because I’m not very into that world. The case, which is one of the best without a doubt since it is +30% Gold on the face because apparently there is no type of penalty for it as is usual with the traits that increase our coin collection.


This is one of the really cool ones since it will allow us to jump very high if we keep the jump button pressed, thus making reference to our favorite plumber.


  • +30% Gold.

One of those that are quite worth it since it will make our character huge , which is very noticeable in the face of the range that our attacks will have, which will be a bit absurd and we will devastate our way. Obviously it also has its bad part since we will have a bigger Hit Box and that is a big problem against depending on what bosses and depending on what scenarios (the typical ones with narrow corridors with spikes, which you can forget about).


I don’t like nothing nothing nothing. Your life regenerates automatically (that’s really cool), but… with the drawback that every time they take your life you will lose MAX life . Come on, if you have 300 maximum life, maybe you will have 280 after receiving a hit, which means that in the long run it does not pay anything for me. I don’t really see a real use for it.


In itself it does not contribute anything neither good nor bad, but if you do not find out what it is you can get to have a laugh. What it does is that the damage numbers your character does are greatly exaggerated, which can give rise to the confusion that you are totally broken and this is not true, they are unrealistically inflated numbers , you will do the same damage as always.


It will make your character float in the air a bit (fall slower). Mmmm… I wouldn’t know how to tell you, sometimes it comes in handy, other times not so much… to taste I suppose.


Your character will have low health, mana, and weapon damage but will regenerate mana over time. The truth is that it does not convince me , but for a class like the Mage or the Astrologer it could work in the face of spamming more spells. Anyway… ugh, the cost is too much.


Your character will have blue skin, it is purely aesthetic , it does not affect anything.


  • +25% Gold.

One of the ones that is worthwhile since it will simply apply a filter on the screen so that everything looks older and more retro ; It doesn’t hinder visibility itself, so it’s well worth the bonus gold.


  • +240% Gold.

Don’t ask me why there are 2 traits that do the same thing and have two different names, no idea.

The case… I think it’s the worst trait you could take, not for nothing does it give us a piece of bonus of +240% Gold. And it’s that… with this trait… we will die in a single hit , so you better ignore it because The game is already complicated enough to die from a single mistake. I only see it really useful for those who want to do the typical No Hit run or obviously to farm a lot of gold (if you don’t die, of course).


  • +165% Gold.

Curious trait since it will prevent us from attacking enemies , so basically yes… we will have to do a pacifist run. It may seem that this does not make any sense, that in reality it does not, but it does have a utility that is to farm a lot of gold through chests since +165% gold is a real barbarity.


  • +30% Gold.

The chests will drop a bomb when you open them, luckily this bomb is quite easy to dodge, but if you get lost you eat it. It’s a negative trait for obvious reasons, but if you’re vigilant it’s easily approachable and the Gold bonus always comes in handy, so I do recommend it overall.


Trait that I don’t like at all no matter how funny the fact of being a clown is. The case, that we will have 30% less life (suffice it to say that this is very bad) and it is supposed that the advantage that it gives us is that we will be able to do spinning kicks from the ground, which I have tried and it does not work, so I don’t get the point. Will it be a bug?


  • +28% Gold.

This trait will censor the enemies , come on, which makes them some kind of oversized, oversized version. On theory it doesn’t sound like it’s something too horrible either, which in fact isn’t too horrible… but it’s quite annoying because it will be difficult to differentiate the enemies and this will cause you to make more mistakes than is common (you know, you think that a type of enemy and it turns out that it is another and surprises you with an attack that you did not expect).


A feature that I do not understand its name and that in itself does nothing; your character will simply fart from time to time, they don’t affect anything.


All the relics you find will be twin relics (if possible, because not all of them have that version). Remind you that they are more powerful versions of relics but also consume more Determination. In that sense it seems great to me, especially if you have enough Determination.


  • +30% Gold.

Nothing recommended, horrible . All Spells and Talents have a cooldown.


  • +60% Gold.

By defeating the enemies they will drop a bomb that of course will hurt us. Nothing, it’s horrible, ignore Inheritors with this Trait.


  • +30% Gold.

This is pretty crazy as it will make everything that moves leave a trail of colors behind it for quite some time. It is somewhat annoying because the screen will be filled with colors but it is not that it harms too much, it was not an impediment to me, come on.


We will be able to do the dash or impulse in all directions (up and down too), which is fine, but with what you already have as standard, I think it’s fine. What is certain is that to dodge obstacles or reach very high areas (dash up) it does come in handy. The bad thing is that the downside is that we will have 20% less Life and therefore in my opinion it is not worth it at this cost.


  • +60% Gold.

A roll of trait, never take an heir who has it . When you take damage you will not be able to attack for a few seconds. It’s quite frustrating, I think I don’t even have to explain why.


Trait that will cause us to break the objects on the stage just by coming into contact with them, which does not have much impact.


For me, without a doubt, one of the best features and I even dare to say that the best of all (out of tune makes me doubt because it’s also amazing). We will heal health by causing damage and that is very broken in all scenarios (the more damage you cause, the more health, so it also scales very well as your character does). The bad thing is that you will take 125% more damage (more than double), which is obviously crazy, but the fact that you heal yourself so much with attacks is very noticeable. In my opinion it’s worth it unless you have a lot of money, in which case it’s horrible. Not by a long shot would I take it to a boss that I don’t dominate or something like that, but in a situation that if you can have control, it’s god.


  • +90% Gold.

Another horrible trait. When you eat meat (which you already know is the most common food in the game) it will damage you instead of healing you . Given that it’s one of the main sources of healing and sustainability in runs, this is obviously horrible. The gold bonus is fine for farming, yes, but you will have to avoid meat and be very careful not to lose much life because otherwise recovering without meat you know is a herculean task.

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