April 21, 2024


The Chef is a class in Rogue Legacy 2 that I actually find quite good and usually gives me good results when I use it.

It is a rather melee-oriented class despite the fact that strangely its Mastery improves our Concentration, a stat that is oriented to Spell damage. However, the best thing about the Chef is that we will produce burns with our attacks (and this is very noticeable) and that we will have a very interesting talent to be able to save the food that we “left over” to be able to heal ourselves when necessary, something very useful.


We can unlock the Chef through the improvements of the “talent tree” of the fortress. In this case we will have to acquire the ” La Cocina ” improvement , which can be found 3 columns to the right from the central column. Specifically 2 squares to the right from the improvement with which we unlock the Mage class .


  • Low life.
  • Super mana.
  • We apply burn with the weapon.

At the level of statistics , things are not bad, as you can see his Life is low, but at least he has a considerable amount of mana. In any case, what really makes the difference is the burning effect that we will apply with our blows, which is really a very good addition.

The burn is a light damage over time that will hit multiple times; If you add up all the damage ticks, the truth is that it ends up being a notorious extra damage and in my opinion it is the best thing that the Chef has.


As strange as it may seem to be attacking with a Frying Pan, while it’s not something new if you’ve played Eastward , it’s certainly a very cool and useful weapon.

The damage it does is not high, it is not little damage either. However, it gives us a great advantage and that is that when hitting we can return medium projectiles (the largest ones nothing), so it is both a defensive and offensive option, 2×1; it’s so worth it.

And since we apply burn with our hits (the projectiles that we return too) well, in the end it does end up doing a good amount of damage. Which by the way, by returning a projectile with a frying pan we will also get «Charge», which means that our next blow with the pan is a guaranteed critical.

Another fact to keep in mind is that all our blows will be the same, a blow with the pan; It doesn’t matter if you attack on the ground, in the air or on a boost.


A very interesting Talent and according to what a Chef is. We will start with 3 charges and when we activate the Talent the Chef will cook for a while and after a few seconds (be careful because it takes a while and if you are in a tricky situation they will surely cut off the action) we will heal a little Life and also Mana . With each use we will lose a charge.

The thing is that when we collect food we will store it “inside the talent”, increasing its load by 1 and that comes in handy since if you are already at 100% health at least you can store “3 foods” in this talent for when you do missing; it comes great.


Concentration is an attribute that will increase the damage caused by our critical hits with Spells , so it is not the best thing that this character could have… a bit strange this choice of Mastery, really; but hey… it’s still a positive improvement, since we will ultimately be using Spells just like the other classes.

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