April 14, 2024


Beasts of the Void is the second boss of Rogue Legacy 2 and I mention his name in the plural since despite the fact that a priori we only face «Byarrith», whoever we lower his life a little another boss named «Halpharrr» will appear, so that we will have to end up facing two bosses simultaneously.

Although the concept of 2 bosses at the same time can cause some dread, in the end it is a fairly simple encounter; In fact, I would say that Estuary Lamec cost me a lot more than this one, even though it was 2 at the same time.

Be that as it may, as always I will explain in detail how this battle works and the best way to overcome it, but first let’s talk about its location:


Void Beasts is the boss of the second zone of the game: Axis Mundi . Area that we will find to the right of the room where we fight against the Lamec Estuary.

Unlike the first boss, in this one we will not have to do anything special in order to unlock the battle and it is not like it is hidden or something, you just go through Axis Mundi and you will end up getting there.


Again the combat will consist of 2 phases, the first with a single boss and the second with 2 (the same as the first + another that is added):


Luckily his attacks are quite easy to dodge:

  • Girohueso : It will throw a huge bone forward that will spin on itself, we will have to avoid it touching us by sneaking them where we can between it spinning and moving forward, it is not very complex to dodge.
  • Gigasalto : It will make a great jump towards you. You can go under him without problems or if you see that this can be problematic (it will depend on the situation) you can jump over him with the flying kick since on the stage you will see that you have many lanterns to be able to reach a remarkable height. When falling watch out because it always throws some bones and you will have to jump so that they do not damage you.
  • Bone Thrower : It will throw several bones up (very high) that will end up falling to the ground. He throws them so high that from the ground you won’t see them at all times, but some marks will appear at the top of the screen that will indicate where they are and you must use them to know where to stand so they don’t hit you.

Between attack and attack you can hit him as much as you want without any problem. When you get him down to about 33% health, Halpharrr will be added to the battle.


Obviously things will get complicated since we will have both bosses simultaneously, although luckily both will carry out exactly the same attacks that you have already seen in phase 1 and therefore you will already know how to dodge each one efficiently.

Here the key is to dodge the attacks of both and attack everything you can; the attacks are easy to dodge even if they are 2 bosses at the same time. What would be problematic, and you have to be very careful with that, is to stay between the two bosses, at which point you can be easily deleted. Make sure that they never surround you in order to have the situation under control and if they do, wait for one of them to jump so you can go under it.

As soon as you take down one of the 2 (his would be Byarrith since he will be weaker when Halpharrr enters) you can practically say that you have it because facing only one of them is very simple.


Little to add in the face of this boss regarding advice beyond the usual and what has already been commented on in its phases, attacks and others. Typically, make sure you go into battle with as much health as you can, which in that sense reminds you that the Lifesteal and Soulsteal Runes come in handy; without forgetting of course the improvement of the strength of “Meditation Studies” that will make us heal health when entering the boss.

You can also reserve some of those apples that we find randomly (the one that heals you, not the one that hurts you but increases your maximum life) and that is near a teleport to go and return quickly and in the process heal us a little.


By defeating the Beasts of the Void we will obtain the following rewards:

  • Gold, Ingots, Blood and Souls.

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