April 16, 2024


The traditions must be maintained and it is already the fact that it brings you guides explaining in detail the statistics or attributes in the games where they are relevant, as of course it happens in the game that we will talk about today: Rogue Legacy 2 .

Thoroughly understanding these is very important in order to guide your characters well, both for passive improvements and those that we can obtain in-game in order to make the best decisions based on the style of play that you prefer. So nothing, we are going to see each one of them and to break down in depth their operation and usefulness.


Vitality is probably the easiest stat to explain, in fact I think it doesn’t even need an explanation, but we will do it because the idea is to explain each one of them.

It will increase our maximum health , without more and therefore it is a stat that any class can take advantage of well.


Each point of Armor will reduce the damage we take from all sources by one point. However, so that this is not too broken, we can only reduce the total damage we receive by a maximum of 35% .

For better understanding, let’s assume we have 10 Armor. If we take a 100 damage hit, we end up only taking 90 damage (10% damage reduction); however, if the hit were lighter and dealt 20 damage, instead of taking 10 damage (it would be a 50% reduction), we would take about 6-7 damage since we can’t reduce the damage more than 35%.

This maximum damage reduction can be upgraded to be higher.


Strength will increase the damage you deal with weapons and is therefore a must-have stat for melee-oriented characters like the Knight, Barbarian , or Dragonspear among other possible examples.


Useful stat for all classes as it will increase the damage of Spells and Talents , something that all classes use in the end. Of course, those classes that spam Spells or Talents a lot, such as those more magic-oriented, such as the Mage , will take advantage of it even better . But that said, it is good for everyone in the end.


Dexterity increases the damage you deal with critical hits and super critical hits with weapons , making it ideal for most more melee-focused classes. However, it’s the classes that have guaranteed crit mechanics like the Barbarian, Duelist, or Assassin that will make the most of it.


Concentration on Dexterity for mages as it will increase the damage dealt by Spell crits and super crits . All classes use Spells at the end, but speaking of profitability it will be the more magic-oriented classes that will benefit the most from it.


The Equipment Weight determines the amount of things that we can equip our character (weapon, helmet, chest, cape and amulet) without receiving weight penalties and therefore the more we have the more things we can equip ourselves without having to deal with those damn penalties. .

There are different weight tiers:

  • Light: +125% Determination.
  • Medium: +100% Determination.
  • Heavy: +75% Determination.

As you can see, the lower the weight, the greater the determination, but we will also lose the bonuses that the team provides us. In general, I prefer to go with a medium weight to be able to equip myself with enough things.


Determines the amount of Runes that we can equip, little more to say about this statistic.


I’m not sure if Rogue Legacy considers Determination as a stat since it’s kind of separate from everything else, but we’re going to explain it anyway.

Determination is a % that, as you have already seen, depends on how heavy or not your equipment is, which will allow us to equip the relics that we find on our adventures. As long as it stays above 100% everything is fine, the thing is that we should prevent it from going below 100% because in that case we will also lose maximum Life and that of course is risky unless you have too much of it.

If, for example, when obtaining a Relic that asks for 30% of Determination, we have 120% of it at that time, we will stay at 90%, so our maximum Life will be reduced by 10% (90% of the Life maximum let’s go). So nothing, be very careful with lowering it from 100%, staying at 90% of the maximum Life, for example, will not be so noticeable either, but be careful with going down because in the end Life is essential.

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