April 21, 2024


The Boxer is a class in Rogue Legacy 2 that I think is great in theory, but in practice it doesn’t give me as good results as I might expect and in the end it’s one of those classes that I tend to forget about.

It’s strange because his kit is really very good, but what I personally think is his problem is that it’s the typical class that brings out its true potential when you master it well and that’s why I’m sure there will be the typical pro who handles it like a God and the content of Rogue Legacy 2 is aired; however… in my case it doesn’t seem to work well for me, there are classes that are easier to take to the maximum and that give excellent results and of course, in a game where there are so many elements that annoy us… because simplicity is much appreciated.

But hey, maybe it suits you better than me, each one… but, here anyway I’ll show you all his kit, you’ll see that as I already said it’s very good.


We can as always get the Boxer in the improvements of the Fortress in exchange for his due coins. The improvement in question is called « Combat Ring » and we have it in the central column quite high, just two positions above the improvement with which we unlock the Barbarian.


  • super life
  • good mana.
  • You can pass through most enemies without taking damage.

Regarding  statistics,  we have a Life that is very good, something that we are always grateful for and we will also have a good amount of Mana, so things start well; anyway we are going to focus on the extra passive effect because it is very interesting.

As you well know, the enemies have Hit Box and this will damage us if we pass through them, but the Boxer, thanks to this ability, can pass through them by means of the impulse without receiving any damage. It comes in handy to dodge and get behind enemies to hit them.


A very interesting weapon since if we keep it pressed we will start to give a lot of quick hits on the spot (you can’t move while attacking, yes), which although they cause little damage, since it doesn’t stop hitting quickly, it destroys.

But that’s not all, our attacks will also apply combo (it will come out as a bar above that will count the consecutive hits you give, with a second or so of time in which if you don’t attack you will lose the accumulated combo). The good thing about this is that the higher this number, little by little our punches will cause more damage. Also, if you reach 15 combo you will start to always give critical hits (which is not easy to reach, but if you do it you will cause colossal damage). The maximum possible combo is 30 and from there if you keep hitting you will only keep it at 30; suffice it to say that at 30 combo you are a machine of mass destruction.

Something very curious about this attack is that if we do it in the air and hit an enemy, we will stay in the air hitting, which is something that comes in handy. And let’s not forget to mention that we also have an upward attack with which we will give a hook blow with a very good range, I usually use it especially in the air to hit enemies that are at the top due to its good range, it is very useful.


Curious talent because it can be tremendous or rubbish depending on how well or poorly you play, especially since its damage depends on how much combo meter you get . At low combo levels it will deal very little damage, though it is still a finishing blow. Of course, at high levels the blow is tremendous; At 30 it’s pretty hardcore, but it’s not normal to get that much combo unless you’re a boxing god.

You will recharge the Talent by hitting, which with how fast this class hits will be a breeze; otherwise mention that you can also hold down to point where you want to direct this tremendous punch.


Vitality is an attribute that is never too much, so his Mastery is not bad; although personally I must say that I prefer statistics that enhance damage , but hey, it’s fine just the same, little more to add (if at least it was like the Barbarian who also dopes a lot of life for his passive, but hey, it is what it is) .

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