April 15, 2024


After a few hours of playing (which the truth is that I’ve been very cool and of course I’ll continue playing), today I bring you a list of tips aimed mainly at those people who are starting to play Rogue Legacy 2 .

Those things that I would have liked to know from the beginning since I consider that they can be very helpful or things that are not so visible at first glance and that you are grateful to know beforehand before learning it a bit the hard way.

That doesn’t mean that if you’re a player that’s been around for a few hours you won’t learn anything new in this post, it might surprise you at something, so if you’re in that situation I recommend you take a look anyway since To bad you would have only lost a few minutes of reading and in the event that you discover something new, well look, what you take. Hey, let’s go there.


Or rather… the question should be, what do I keep when I die and what do I lose? Well, you see, what you will keep when you die is the following:

  • The Coins : That will allow us to acquire improvements in the Fortress, equipment in the Blacksmith, Runes in the Enchantress… Things for our character to progress, come on.
  • The Ingots, Blood and Souls : We will find them in our adventures. The Ingots are to create equipment, the Blood for the Runes and the Souls to acquire certain passive advantages in a house that we will unlock after a few hours of play in which we will have to do a kind of challenge to find the Scars .
  • Class Experience : Each class shares the same experience bar and this will not be lost. Come on, if you play a Knight or Lady and raise it to level 3 (which gives it more statistics according to its Mastery), when you play it again, you will be at level 3, and so on.
  • The Inheritance : Objects that will unlock new skills such as the double jump, these are permanent.
  • Equipment, Runes and others : All the equipment, runes and the various improvements that you can acquire in your base for your character or those that you acquire in the fortress itself are also permanent and will not be lost.
  • Boss Progression : When it comes to progress in your raid, the only thing that won’t be lost is the bosses you’ve defeated; once defeated you will not have to defeat them again.
  • Pizza Girl Teleports : When you get to the second area of ​​the game you can talk to a pizza girl who, in exchange for coins, will permanently unlock portals at the start of all game areas, which is great for skipping areas and getting more to the point.

What do we lose then?

  • The Relics : Objects that increase certain attributes or that add mechanics that generally benefit the character, see for example that our attacks cause poisoning.
  • The Weapons you have acquired : Although each class has its own weapon by default, we can also find weapons when we play and these will be lost when we die (which does not mean that they can reappear in another game). For example, the Scythe.
  • Acquired Talents and Spells : The same as with weapons, during our games we can find Talents and Spells that we will lose when we die.
  • The Character ‘s Special Traits : Since each character has their quirks, see Vertigo, which will turn the screen upside down (it’s horrible), when you die you’ll lose those traits; The traits that your next characters present will be random and by proxy, you can get characters with the same traits.
  • Your progress : Keep in mind that since each game (I mean the area where you fight and others, not the things in the base) is generated randomly, you will have to start each one from scratch. Of course, the Architect (character that you unlock in the fortress that will be in your base, in a grandfather) allows you to change this, but he will take a commission from all the coins you get (I don’t really recommend it much).


Ronin in Rogue Legacy 2

This is obviously very subjective and in the end it is best to try all of them to see which ones work best for you. For me, these are the ones that work the best for me and I will explain why I think they are good:

  • Ronin : My favorite class. Tremendous melee damage, an exaggerated range, mechanics to ensure the critical, a lot of strength and on top of that a talent that allows us to teleport which helps a lot to dodge.
  • Valkyrie : Good in melee and magic, very versatile for being able to move when hitting and for being able to hit in all directions ( Hollow Knight style ), good range and a talent that allows us to avoid medium projectiles permanently and easily if we got on well.
  • Barbarian : Tremendous melee damage, extremely easy guaranteed crit mechanic, huge amounts of health and a very interesting talent as it freezes in area.
  • Chef : Good melee damage especially because in addition to the physical blow he applies burn with his blows, we can return medium projectiles from a frying pan to cause damage and again apply burn and on top of that the talent will allow us to store food when we are at maximum health to heal up to 3 times (if we collect 3 leftover food) whenever we want.
  • Ranger : Very good ranged damage, easy to aim, interesting talent since it allows us to poison with arrows and protect ourselves from medium projectiles, guaranteed critical mechanic (which costs, but is there). For me the best ranged class, which obviously has its advantages being able to attack from a distance.

Facing the Wizard I prefer not to get wet because I’ve played very little and since I don’t invest too much in intelligence improvements I couldn’t say anyway. I don’t usually like Mage-style classes very much, but they are usually very OP and I’m sure in Rogue Legacy 2 I will be too, but I don’t dare to tell you.


In the end, real progress is measured in the bosses you defeat as the goal is to defeat them all; you have to kill the first one, then go to the second area (marked with 2 stars) and defeat the second boss, then the third (marked with three stars)… and so on.

Your objective in each run should be to defeat the next boss and for that, your goal would be to farm a little before that in order to go with the most doped character (because of the Relics and others) and also to acquire more coins/ingots/etc… to be able to acquire when you die all the possible improvements.

My advice will depend on what exactly you are looking for, if you want to farm to acquire improvements, your thing is to go all over the map you can (especially the most advanced ones you have, because they will give you more resources) until you die. The thing is that this is somewhat boring and tedious, so I recommend that you go more to the point.

What I do is quickly do the entire first area (which will be a very quick and easy process when you are more advanced) to obtain relics/resources and others and when you clean it you can go to the area where your next boss is. You will be more prepared for that battle and since you will have to search for the boss in question (or unlock it), you will also spend a few laps in that other area and thus gain even more resources in the process.

When you die, well you know, spend your different resources wisely (special mention to gold or coins, since you will have to spend everything before leaving for the next run since Charon will keep all the coins you have on you when you start the next run). Anyway, let’s dig deeper into the topic of resources.


For me, the priority is the improvements of the fortress to acquire new classes, attribute improvements and others. In terms of attributes, their thing is that you specialize a little, although they really all benefit all classes, only some more than others.

If you are a melee style you will be interested above all in Strength and Dexterity, if you are more of an Intelligence and Concentration Mage… Life and armor are important because they help a lot to survive… But since I already talked in detail about the statistics , I leave you a link to said guide (I also explain how Determination works). The case, facing the Fortress, spend wisely because each improvement you acquire makes all the following improvements you acquire more expensive.

But, despite the fact that Fortress is the priority for me, do not forget that there are other very interesting improvements; You see buying equipment from the Blacksmith (it’s great, the weight issue is explained in the statistics guide as well), Runes from the Enchantress, you see unlocking the advantages that the soul provides us… etc. The thing is that these resources can be taken more calmly because Charon will not take them unlike the coins (keep in mind that in addition to the resources they will ask us for coins as well, that the Blacksmith and the others will have to eat something NPCs).


Yes, that’s why you should spend as many as you can before going to another run, although there are a couple of things you should know:

  1. Offshore Account : An improvement of the Fortress that we have in the central column just below the whole. A safe that speaks will appear next to Charon that will save a % of the coins that Charon takes from you, so you will at least keep those.
  2. Charity Dungeon : Improvement that we have just to the right of the previous one that will make the money that Caronte keeps be counted (the talking safe will count it) and when you reach certain amounts (quite high, it will take time) you will obtain improvements to your attributes, something very interesting.

If you continue to the right you will have improvements so that this box can accumulate more money and that it stays a higher % than Charon stays, so it is worth investing here because we will obtain more coins (or they will take less) and in the end it is a fundamental resource.

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