April 21, 2024


Estuary Naamá , the Guardian of the Forest, is the third boss that we will have to face in Rogue Legacy 2 and from the outset I must say that it is quite complicated, especially if you do not take into account some of the things that I will be commenting on in this post.

He is a boss that flies and since we have few platforms to land on, it will not be easy to hit him and he also has some attacks related to jellyfish that are quite annoying and that will make it even more difficult to hit him.

For this reason, from the outset, I recommend that you take a class (more like a weapon) that has a very good range; I’m telling you, that will be a huge advantage in this fight. But nothing, we go with the guide.

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As I have already mentioned, it is the third boss, so we will find it in the third area of ​​the game: The  Kerguelen Plateau (which is the snowy area that we normally find to the right of where we fight against Void Beasts . Remember that the Pizzera It is very key in order to have the teleport to the area from the first moment).

However, in order to unlock the battle you will need a couple of things:

  • The Wings of Ether : An Inheritance that we will find in the area that will allow us to make the Double Jump, necessary to reach the door of the fight. In the post about Inheritance I already explained how to get it.
  • 2 Lilies of the Valley : It is a flower that we will find in one of the rooms of the Kerguelen Plateau, of course in a random area, so I cannot give you the exact location. You are going to have to go through the entire map until you find 2 of them and this must be in the same game since if you die you lose them. When you have them you will have to go to the boss room and the door will open, once it is open it will be open forever, so you can forget about the Lilies. These appear as if they were a Relic, only there will only be one of them, with a flower-like appearance.


For a change, the fight will consist of 2 phases.


Things start out quite tricky:

  • Row of Jellyfish : It will summon a row of Jellyfish that will travel horizontally throughout the room and that will move from the bottom to the top. You will have to use the Spinning Kick to hit them somewhere to open a gap and sneak through there.
  • Jellyfish Column : Same as above, but it will be a column that goes from side to side of the screen. You will have to do exactly the same thing, hit with the Spinning Kick to create a gap and go through it; It costs more than when it is a row.
  • Charge : It will start to spin around and end up charging towards you. Just dodge it.
  • Blue Fireballs : It will launch blue fireballs in all directions that you must dodge.
  • Summon Fireballs : Similar to the previous one, but instead of launching them, she will create multiple summoning portals that will launch fireballs horizontally or vertically; be very careful when you see the red summoning portals so that you are not aligned vertically or horizontally with them.
  • Summon Jellyfish : It will summon a couple of Jellyfish through the red portals, destroy them with the Spinning Kick as soon as you can so they don’t bother you. You chase.


This phase will start when his life reaches 50% and everything will remain the same, the only thing is that Estuario Naamá will summon that kind of balls that have a huge red area in which if we hit someone while in it they will throw us a ball with very bad milk to us.

You will have to go towards them and press R1 to deactivate them, after this when you can attack in that area; this is not eternal, so you will have to renew them. Never attack the boss while in the red area (you have to be the one in the area to get hit by those things, no matter where the boss is), always make sure to disable them first.


The first thing has already been said, a character who has a long range with his weapon, such as the Ronin (whose Talent also comes from a fable to dodge the jellyfish walls and others) or who can attack from a distance, such as the Ranger or the Gunslinger , can be very key in this fight.

After this comment that you should take this battle very calmly, dodge is your priority so as not to die and simply attack when it is viable (between attack and attack). Don’t be in a hurry, you’ll see how calmly you can dodge things well and go down little by little without major problems.

For the rest, as usual, make sure you reach the boss with life as high as you can, that always shows a lot.


By defeating Estuario Naamá we will obtain the following rewards:

  • Gold, Ingots, Blood and Souls; as we always go

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