April 21, 2024


The Inheritance of Rogue Legacy 2 is a list of different skills that will give us new mechanics that will allow us to access areas that we couldn’t access before and will improve our character by giving him more versatility.

They are the Metroidvania part of Rogue Legacy 2 since without some of them we will not be able to access some of the game’s maps. With them we can perform a dash, the typical double jump, an improvement for the flying kick… that kind of thing.

So nothing, in this post I will explain in detail how you can get them (at the moment the ones I have gotten so far, I will update) and what each of them brings us. Let’s go there!


Echarpe de Ananké will allow us to perform the Dash or Impulse also in the air.

We can find it in Citadel of Agartha (the first area of ​​the game) in one of the random rooms in the area. Given the randomness of the game, I can’t give you an exact location (in other legacies some guidance can be given, but this is not the case), so you’ll have to thoroughly investigate the map until you find that room.


Esopo del Tomo will allow us to be able to interact with those little blue balls that we will find randomly that seem to tell us something but nevertheless seem to be in a language that we do not understand. With the Aesop of the Tome we will be able to understand them and that will allow us to gradually understand the Lore of Rogue Legacy 2 when interacting with them.

Also keep in mind that there are a few of these blue orbs that are very hidden that will allow us to get a damage bonus against bosses, there is one for each of the bosses (like Lamech Estuary for example).

The same thing happens with this inheritance as with Echarpe de Ananké, we can find the inheritance statue in any area of ​​the Citadel of Agartha map in one of the rooms in each of our games at random. These statues, when we have already acquired his Inheritance, will provide us with different Relics that will allow us to improve our character.


Echo Boots will improve our Spinning Kick skill with the following 2 upgrades:

  1. It will increase your range.
  2. It will allow us to bounce on a kind of waves that will appear in the game, you will even find enemies that can only be defeated by this roundhouse kick improvement. When you enter the statue you will understand better what I mean since they explain it to you right there.

The fact is that we will need this Inheritance yes or yes to be able to pass us the Axis Mundi area.

Echo Boots Location 1

To get it we have to go to the entrance of Axis Mundi (the second area of ​​the game, you usually find it on the right side of the Citadel of Agartha map) and from there go to a door that you will find at the top that you can access through the Spinning Kick and the Dash in the air (so you will need the Echarpe de Ananké).

Echo 2 Boots Location

After this we will be in a tower, we have to go up it. There will come a time when it will seem that you can’t go any higher, but you will have to go along a path to the right and bounce between the brambles to get to the top.

Echo 3 Boots Location

Once you reach the top of the tower, you will have to jump to the left and while you fall move to the right to reach the area where the statue is that will allow us to obtain the Inheritance.


The Ether Wings give us the ability to Double Jump, you know, being able to jump back into the air; I must say that the jump in the air is a bit short but even so, this ability is always appreciated.

We will find this in the Kerguelen Plateau (third area of ​​the game, the snowy area). We will have to find this room (since it is random I cannot tell you where it is, but it is usually near the third boss, you search well throughout the map) that I leave you now below:

Aether Wings in Rogue Legacy 2

If you look closely (you’ll see it better in the game itself than in the photo), you’ll see some kind of yellow ripples appear in the water to the right. You will have to bounce off them with the Spinning Kick to move to the right of the lake, you will end up reaching the statue of this Inheritance.


Pallas’s Void Bell is a boost buff that will allow you to dash for longer if you hold down the key. This Inheritance will also allow us to pass through the purple walls that we find in the Stygian Study area (the fourth area) and in the same way it will allow us to pass through the purple enemy attacks (a very characteristic purple that we will see in the tutorial of the Inheritance very recognizable).

We can get the Inheritance in the Stygian Study, but again it’s a room that will be completely random in its position in the area, so I can’t show you a picture of the location. What I can do is show you what this room is like and what you must do to get to the Inheritance.

Bell of the Void of Pallas in Rogue Legacy 2

As you can see we have that kind of invisible walls that prevent us from going down when we step on them, the trick is to “pass them” through the dash or impulse. Come on, no jumping, do the impulse from the ground and you will not activate them because you will not be stepping on them.

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