April 15, 2024


The Scars are a kind of red orbs with which we can interact, they are like those blue orbs that we find out there that tell us the Lore of Rogue Legacy 2 (although some give us improvements, such as those that increase the damage we do to it to each final boss), only red.

The fact is that these are usually very hidden and it is quite difficult to find them, which is very worthwhile since they will unlock a series of passive improvements related to a new material that is the soul. These improvements can be purchased in “The Store of Souls” (talking to the two children), which we will find in that building near Charon in our base after defeating Lamec .

These Scars will unlock a kind of challenges that will allow us to get a soul, each Scar would be one of these challenges; challenges that you will find in the same building if you talk to the old man with a mustache. Clarified this, let’s go with the location of each scar.


Super easy to get. As soon as you unlock the aforementioned building you will be able to access a Scar called « Fix the Erebus» , go there and when you advance a little you will find the red orb, nothing is hidden.


Heavy Weapons in Rogue Legacy 2

This Scar is a little more elaborate, but it is not very complicated either with the clues that the old man with a mustache gives us. You will have to go back to Erebo and go forward until you find a fireplace, there you will have to cast a fireball (it is a Spell that characters often have) to the right to hit the wall near the fireplace and after this it will appear a new path in which we will find the Scar in question.


Two Masters in Rogue Legacy 2

This Scar is easy to find but it takes quite a while to figure out how to get it.

It is basically found in the Citadel of Agartha (the first area of ​​the game), just a little to the left of the big golden door (the one we found just starting our run, where the pictures of the final bosses and others come out). Only it’s on the ceiling and there doesn’t seem to be a way to get there since you have to be on the ground to be able to interact with the scars. How do we do it then?

Well, you see, it is possible thanks to the Ranger , since with his talent we can create a floor in the air to be able to interact with this Scar. I had a hard time falling into this and it makes me angry because when you already know it it’s so obvious… but anyway, you know how it is.


Tight Practice in Rogue Legacy 2

Very easy to get. You have it in Axis Mundi (the second area), you will have to go to the area and move forward (you know that this area is linear) until you find the Pizzeria , which will always appear more or less halfway to the boss of Void Beasts .

Inside the Pizzeria, go to the far left, break all the barrels, stick to the wall and press R (R1) and you will enter a secret room with the Scar.


Sharp Rose in Rogue Legacy 2

We will find this one in the Kerguelen Plateau (the third zone of the game, the snowy one) and again it is somewhat far-fetched; You see that scars have fabric.

To get it you will have to go to the area where you get the Inheritance of the double jump , you know, that area where there is a great sea through which we have to go bouncing on the sound waves using the inheritance that improves the spinning kick (I leave you a link to the post about Inheritance in case you are missing any).

Total, that this area you go to the right completely, right where the statue that gives us the Inheritance of the double jump is and you will have to go to the right and hit the rock where the statue perches on the lower right (in the photo better understood) to open a tunnel with said Scar. To hit in that area you have many methods, you can hit it badly and even if you fall into the water, you can come back later; you can use area attacks too, like the Barbarian talent .


Closed Space in Rogue Legacy 2

It is found in the Stygian Study and to get it you will first need to have the Inheritance that gives us the dark impulse (which is also obtained in the Stygian Study, you have the post with the location of the Inheritance linked above).

Once you have it you will have to find that big room full of books that has 3 doors in the center with 2 dark barriers. Through the dark dash you must access the central door, and in this room, go right to the location that I marked in the photo above (right on the barrel) and press the R button to access a secret area where you will find this scar .

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