April 15, 2024


The Gunslinger or Gunslinger is a class from Rogue Legacy 2 that I’ve been testing lately and despite the fact that it’s a class that I love for aesthetics and concept, well… I don’t know, at the level of utility it doesn’t quite convince me.

This is something that actually bothers me a bit because it’s actually one of my favorite classes and on the theory his whole set sounds pretty good and the truth is that I really like it; but then when it comes to reality it doesn’t give me good results, although I must also say that distance classes have never been my specialty, maybe that’s why… But with the Ranger that doesn’t happen to me, everything is said.

The case, as always I bring you an in-depth analysis of this class in which I will tell you about those things that I do not like. For my part, I will give this class more opportunities, but I don’t know, at the moment I think it’s not my class; Which doesn’t mean it can be brutal for you, you know how these things go.


We can unlock the Gunslinger by upgrading the Fortress “talent tree”. The location of this is a bit far-fetched, yes; we have it at ground level but quite to the right in an improvement called « Minas de Salitre «. From where we unlock the Ranger, we simply have to go 2 positions to the right and voila, there you have it.


  • Low life.
  • Super mana.
  • Weapons deal 15% of your Intelligence as bonus damage.

Regarding the  statistics,  we count, as expected from a class more focused on distance combat, a low life and therefore we will have to be very careful, something common in this type of class that ultimately wins in “security” for the fact of attacking from a distance.

Mana, as you can see, is very good, something that never hurts to be able to spam more Spells to increase our power at a distance (his thing is that you have a Spell at a distance, of course).

And to finish we have a very interesting bonus since our weapon will increase its damage a little based on our Intelligence, so in that sense this stat will be a 2×1 in the Gunslinger class. This does not mean that instead of Strength (the usual) it requires Intelligence to do more damage, the weapon will scale with Strength and also a little with Intelligence (it will not be a very big increase, but since we hit very fast with his weapon for defect, that now we see it, this will be quite noticeable).


His weapon is quite interesting, but it’s what doesn’t quite convince me of the character, although I think this is purely based on my personal tastes.

The case, we will have 22 bullets that we can shoot (we can aim as it happens with the Montaraz), only at a somewhat shorter distance than I would like, although it is not bad either.

If we keep the button pressed we will start to shoot like a machine gun and in that sense the truth is that the damage is quite good because of how fast it hits, what I don’t like so much is that normally we won’t have time to spend so much time shooting because except for the impulse, we will not be able to move while performing this action.

It also has something that is quite cool, which is that when we have 8 bullets left, they will always cause a critical hit on impact. When you finish the 22 bullets, pressing the button again will reload the Kinetic Revolver, you can also reload whenever you want with the R button.


A Talent that doesn’t quite convince me either. We’re going to throw an explosive that will explode Bomberman-style (you know, making a cross-shaped explosion) that deals average damage (admittedly, I was a bit disappointed in the damage).

The good thing is that the explosion goes through walls, that’s always great; and besides… it also has 2 charges, which means that you can use the ability twice, which is when it will become inactive until the time necessary for it to recharge has passed.


Very good attribute for the Gunslinger so we have already commented that the Intelligence in this class is a 2×1 since it will increase the damage of our Spells as always, and also will also increase the damage that we cause with the weapon a little. (which in this case, if you don’t change it, would be the Kinetic Revolver).

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