April 16, 2024
God of War Ragnarök: Find all the ravens of Odin

God of War Ragnarök: Find all the ravens of Odin

In our God of War Ragnarök Raven Locations Guide you will learn:

  • Where to find every raven in the game
  • What rewards you get for finding the ravens

Odin has once again dispatched green spectral ravens to spy on Kratos and Atreus. You’ll get great rewards for killing all the ravens. So it’s worth finding all the ravens – and with our guide you can do it with ease.

All ravens in Svartalfheim

In this section we show you the locations of all 13 ravens in the realm of the dwarves. However, some ravens can only be reached after you have crafted the Draupnir spear in the forge.

  • Raven #1 : The first raven sits on top of the rock. You see him as soon as you leave the world gate for the first time.
  • Raven #2: The raven sits on the porch of the house with the water wheel, just behind the Odin statue in the center of the dwarven village.
  • Raven #3: It flies over the island with the watchtower.
  • Raven #4: Attach to Althjof’s machine and climb up the chains. You see the raven through a hole in the wooden wall.
  • Raven #5: He’s sitting on some coral on top of the giant whale. Before that you have to blow up the metal with a bomb to clear the way to the raven.
  • Raven #6: It’s circling above the waterwheel-powered elevator to the left.
  • Raven #7: The raven is sitting on a rock in the middle on the opposite island. You see him through a big gap.
  • Raven #8: On the hook of the crane at Radsvinn’s machine.
  • Raven #9: Next to the tree on the right in Alberic Cave.
  • Raven #10: When you get out of the car, you will see the raven flying in circles over the mountains.
  • Raven #11: Sits on a moss-covered rock in front of the bell.
  • Raven #12: This raven flies over the lake.
  • Raven #13: The raven is sitting on a wooden beam in the room where you also solve the puzzle with the water wheels – by the wall with the white runes.

All ravens in Alfheim

In Alfheim you will find 13 ravens and six of them are hiding in the desert areas. In order to get access to all areas in the desert, you must first complete the side quest “Secret of the Sands” .

  • Raven #14: Sitting on a branch near the bridge.
  • Raven #15: It is in a room in the Temple of Light. Go up the spiral staircase in the hall with the soul pool and you will see the raven behind a lattice. Throw the ax at the purple Twilight Stone to kill the raven behind the bars.
  • Raven #16: In the large circular room with the golden cylinder frame in the center – the raven sits on the viewing platform across the ravine.
  • Raven #17: Flies over the large sand pool next to the dwarven workshop.
  • Raven #18: In the right eye of the whale skeleton.
  • Raven #19: On an old log to the left of the entrance to the Light Elves Outpost.
  • Raven #20: He flies around in the cave under the Light Elves statue.
  • Raven #21: Flies around in front of the Freyr statue.
  • Raven #22: Sits next to the scaffolding between the two rock formations.
  • Raven #23: Behind the stone troll statue.

All ravens in Vanaheim

Vanaheim consists of two large areas – the jungle and the crater. You can only explore the crater once you have completed the side quest “Trail of Survival” .

All ravens in the jungle

In this section we show you the localities of all eight ravens in the jungle of Vanaheim.

  • Raven #24: It flies over the river by the shore northwest of the world gate.
  • Raven #25: This raven can be found on the island with the Pilgrim’s Landing. He hides behind a stone construct by the chest.
  • Raven #26: Perched on a log over the river.
  • Raven #27: Flies over the valley by the river bank.
  • Raven #28: Perched on a root in a hole in the ceiling in the Cave of the Hidden Passage.
  • Raven #29: Heading north out of Freyr’s camp, you’ll pass a stone ring. The raven sits on a tree behind this stone ring.
  • Raven #30: Hides in the hollow of a large tree, very close to the dead runner.
  • Raven #31: He sits on a cliff at the east end of the village.

All ravens in the crater

You can only fully explore the crater once you have opened the dam and filled the crater with water. Here you will find seven ravens .

  • Raven #32: Opposite Brok’s shop you will see a rock with a large tree. The raven sits in front of the tree.
  • Raven #33: On the rock on the shore near the Frozen Lightning.
  • Raven #34: The raven is hiding on a rock in the gorge in the cave under the hill.
  • Raven #35: Sits on the rock by Dreki Nest.
  • Raven #36: He sits in a ravine in the northwestern part of the arena where you meet the dragon.
  • Raven #37: On the old archway.
  • Raven #38: The raven sits on a ledge on the rock face above the lake.

All ravens in Helheim

In Helheim you will only find two ravens .

  • Raven #39: The raven flaps in circles above the gorge at Helgrind.
  • Raven #40: He’s sitting on one of the square rock formations under the broken fence.

All ravens in Muspelheim

In Muspelheim there are also only two ravens waiting for you .

  • Raven #41: In the room with the chest – the raven is sitting on a rock on top of the lava pond. You can see him when you look through the gap.
  • Raven #42: He sits under the archway on the cliff face. You can only target the raven from Surt’s Forge.

All ravens in Midgard

Last but not least, the six ravens that you can find in the human world.

  • Raven #43: He is sitting on a broken stone pillar.
  • Raven #44: Sits on the ledge to the right of the frozen ship.
  • Raven #45: Sits on the ornate wall with the giant chain.
  • Raven #46: Hides in a cavity in the ceiling of the Ice Cave.
  • Raven #47: The raven sits in the wrecked ship.
  • Raven #48: He is sitting on the crane.

What rewards do I get for finding all the ravens?

In Niflheim is the tree where all the ravens gather. As a reward for freeing them, they give you the keys to the six golden chests.

  • 6 Ravens: Girdle of Raven’s Tears
  • 12 Ravens: Bracers of Raven’s Tears
  • 18 Ravens: Cuirass of Raven’s Tears
  • 28 Ravens: Heavy rune attack for the Leviathan ax “Thamur’s Breath 
  • 38 Ravens: Heavy Rune Attack for the Chaos Blades “Meteor Strike”
  • 48 Ravens: Heavy Rune Attack for the Draupnir Spear “The Finger of Doom”

Then a boss fight against the Raven Guardian awaits you  but this is only a slightly stronger variant of a revenant. Defeating them will reward you with the Niflheim’s Justice Amulet Charm.

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