April 16, 2024
God of War Ragnarök: “Spirit of Rebellion” & “The Lost Ark” solved

God of War Ragnarök: “Spirit of Rebellion” & “The Lost Ark” solved

In this  Spirit of Rebellion quest guide in God of War Ragnarok  you will learn:

  • How to start the Spirit of Rebellion favor
  • Where to find Durlin’s Hammer
  • How to trigger the Lost Treasure favor and…
  • … hides an enormous treasure

The Spirit of Rebellion favor in God of War Ragnarök takes you to the secret area “Alberich Cave” in the dwarven country of Svartalfheim. You help dwarf Durlin recover an old hammer that serves as a symbol of the dwarven uprising. You will meet a ghost whose quest will lead you to a great treasure.

    Spirit of Rebellion: How to start the quest

    To start the Spirit of Rebellion favor, you must first complete the main quest Forging Fate . There you get the new weapon “Draupnir Spear”, which you need for environment puzzles in “Spirit of Rebellion”. Immediately after Forging Fate, head to the Mystic Gate and meet Dwarf Durlin there. Talk to him and he will ask Kratos for help. He wants you to retrieve a small hammer near a dwarven statue in Generosity Bay.

    Spirit of Rebellion: Find Hammer of Revolution

    Take the boat down in the bay and row northeast. Keep right and moor on the left side of Drachenstrand. Mimir notices the dwarf statue. Climb the chain onto the scaffolding on the left, throw the Draupnir spear into the air hole and climb up it.

    • Tip: Talk to the ghost by the corpse to activate the Lost Treasure favor. How to complete the favor is explained later in this guide.

    Then swing to the other side of the scaffolding. Crawl under the barricade on the right and you will find a Yggdrasil Rift. On the left it goes on to the secret region “Alberich Cave” . Carves a rune into the rune tablet and Freya can lift the statue’s hammer with magic. Underneath is the chest with the Hammer of Revolution.

    Optional: Solve The Lost Treasure favor

    To continue the Lost Treasure favor, enter the cave to the left of the dwarven statue . There you have to take on a Bergsra and two Grimm. Set Freya on the venom-spitting beasts while concentrating on the Bergsra. The monster charges at you, dodges sideways several times and attacks immediately if it misses.

    Find first treasure

    Once you’ve killed the beasts, grab one of the bombs from the jar and use it to blow up the rubble . Behind you will meet a few Grimm again, who will be healed by a cursed Nykr. Grab a bomb and blast the rocks on the rock in the center of the arena – behind is the Nykr. You can then easily kill all the other beasts.

    Then blast the rubble in front of the passage and mini-boss Ormstunga will appear. The beast is fast and agile. Keep the shield up and watch out for the poison attacks. As a reward, you will receive the amulet charm “Emblem of Evasion” and the unique resource Svefnthron.

    find spirit of son

    The way deeper into the cave is again blocked by rubble. Take a bomb and climb onto the platform to the left of the big rock. Throw the bomb between the rocks on the rubble and the way is free. Loot the Yggdrasil Rift behind you and you will find one of the six Lost Wyrms from The Lost Wyrms favor. The blasted path leads directly to the legendary chest containing the treasure of the father’s spirit.

    Retrieve second treasure and complete quest

    Climb down the chain and take the boat. Row north about 250 meters and dock at Alberich Island. Once you’ve defeated the Grimm, throw the Draupnir spear into the air hole on the cliff face. Above you meet the spirit of the son . Talk to him and follow the path south.

    The water wheel is blocked. Destroy the soundstone on the left with a sonic arrow and go to the cliff. From there you reach a weak point in the rock with the spear. Blow it up and the water wheel will spin. Jump onto the opposite platform and retrieve a Wyvern from the Yggdrasil Rift. Now you have to solve a water wheel puzzle.

    To stop the water wheel, proceed as follows:

    1. Cross the gorge on the right, go up the path and blast the rock with the Draupnir Spear.
    2. Shoot a sealing arrow into the gear.
    3. Pull the chain at the end of the path and hold it.
    4. Hurl the Leviathan Ax into the gear on the right and the grate on the geyser will lower.
    5. Freeze the Geyser with the Leviathan Axe.

    Then enter the elevator and recall the axe. Kill the fiends and climb up the mountain. There you will find the legendary chest and the treasure of the spirit of the son. It includes an Amulet Fragment, Whispering Tablet crafting components (30 pieces), and a whopping 45,000 Hacksilver . Then return to the Father’s Spirit to complete the favor. You get 3,000 XP for Kratos and 750 XP for Freya.

    Spirit of Rebellion: Complete the quest and get the reward

    With the hammer in your luggage, return to the boat and follow the marker on the map. You will reach a jetty in Nidavellir. Enter the tavern at the end of the street and speak to Durlin. After completing the quest, you can chat with the dwarf a few more times.

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