April 21, 2024


This time we bring you the guide to defeat the Hypostasis Dendro in Genshin Impact , a boss long awaited by all since only his Dendro version was missing to close the cycle and have a Hypostasis of each element.

To access this enemy we just have to go to the teleportation point that is near Casa Al-Shifa in the Sumeru desert and from there we simply descend to enter the cave that is just below where we will find ourselves. this boss.

Its combat is very similar to that of other similar enemies such as the Hypostasis Electro , the peculiarity that the Hypostasis Dendro has is that the Pyro element can interrupt its attacks and make it vulnerable.


    The fight against the Hypostasis Dendro is very similar to that of the other Hypostasis, it will start by making an attack from its set and after that it will be exposed for a few seconds and will continue to reproduce this mechanic about four or five times until it executes its most powerful attack.

    Once he executes said attack, the cycle will be repeated continuously until we deplete his life bar; When this happens , three healing nuclei will emerge that we will have to activate with the Dendro element in order to purify the Dendro Hypostasis and obtain its rewards.

    Once we activate one or more healing nuclei , we can speed up the healing process if we apply the Electro element to them ; Also mention that the Pyro element can cancel the vast majority of the Hypostasis Dendro’s moves.

    Yanfei in Genshin Impact

    As for Main DPS, it is best to take a Pyro character like Klee , Yoimiya , Hu Tao or Diluc , since the Pyro Element will not allow you to cancel many attacks and we will be able to defeat him more quickly, personally I really like carrying Yanfei already that being a catalyst we are going to apply Pyro constantly, it is very fast attacking with its basics and also has quite a range.

    It will be mandatory to have a Dendro character in the team even if it cannot harm the Dendro Hypostasis, since to activate the healing cores to purify it we will need the Dendro element to activate these cores. For what really does not matter to us the character that we take from Dendro, only the application matters, so the best in this sense would be Nahida for her basics, Tignari with her charges after rolling the Elemental Skill or Collei ‘s charges to some bad ones.

    As for Support, two highly recommended characters are Yae Miko or Fischl who can provide us with a lot of passive damage and will also help us revitalize the healing nuclei so that we purify the Hypostasis Dendro before it revives.

    As a Healer, Kuki Shinobu , Dori and Bennett will come in handy for the usefulness of their elements and as a squire and applicator of Pyro, Thoma stands out a lot , thus allowing us to take other characters as DPS who are also very useful against this enemy such as Shogun Raiden or Keching .


    These are all the attacks that the Hypostasis Dendro can make:

    • Climbers : Four vines will be created on the field that will explode quickly to inflict Dendro Damage, we can simply run away from these or burn them so they do not explode.
    • Fungal Proliferation : The enemy will change shape and begin to spread multiple particles very quickly that inflict Dendro Damage, we can apply Pyro to stop their attacks or simply dodge them.
    • Strain Whip : The Dendro Hypostasis will create a whip around its core with which it will try to attack us in melee; so as soon as we see that it starts to generate this attack we will immediately move away.
    • Herbaceous Bomb : The Dendro Hypostasis will create a coating and will make a total of three Downward Attacks, to cut these blows we will have to apply Pyro to its coating so that its core is exposed and its attacks stop.
    • Arboreal Prison : This is his most powerful attack which will create a tree in the center of the field and some vines that will enclose us on the edges, these vines will close the furrow until they reach the tree and create a powerful explosion; In order to avoid this attack, we will only have to apply Pyro to a piece of the vine and leave the area.

    During his last attack his core will be vulnerable but keep in mind that the explosion cannot be canceled no matter how much Pyro you apply, so you will have to move away before the vines get too close to the tree.


    The first achievement will be easier to achieve in multiplayer, since once the healing cores are revitalized the restoration bar will fill up very quickly (and with one or more people we can apply Dendro and Electro to all points more quickly).

    • The Marvelous Nitrogen Fixation : Have three healing cores enter a revitalized state in a single Hypostasis Dendro challenge; To do this we need to apply Dendro and then Electro to all three healing cores before purifying Hypostasis Dendro.
    • Herbaceous Fall : Breaks the covering of vines of the Hypostasis Demdro at the moment he performs a Downward Attack; In order to break said coating of the Hypostasis Dendro we will need to attack it with the Pyro element as soon as it makes this attack.


    These are the possible rewards for defeating Hypostasis Dendro:

    • 200 points of Adventure Rank, Mora, Friendship Points… Wow, as always.
    • Nagadus Emerald : They are Dendro character ascension materials.
    • Suppressor Creeper: Nahida ‘s ascension material .
    • Blue/Purple Artifacts : Berserker, Instructor, Ritual of Enlightenment, and Adventurer.
    • Purple/Legendary Artifacts : Gladiator’s End and Wanderer’s Orchestra .

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