April 15, 2024
Archon Quest Dungeon Guide Chapter III – Act 4: “Mysterious Ruins”

Archon Quest Dungeon Guide Chapter III – Act 4: “Mysterious Ruins” in Genshin Impact

After a fall in the desert you find yourself with those who kidnapped the researchers stuck in an abyss. It is by mutual agreement that you decide to explore the dungeon in front of you.

We will see in this guide how to thwart the traps of this dungeon.

The rotating stelae

Upon reaching the first room, 3 doors will open on your left. You will have to turn each of the steles to the right side.

Each stele displaces the one to your right. In order to succeed in the challenge you will have to turn each stele from the left when you are facing the doors.

When the stele is well placed it will light up in blue. So activate all the stelae.

Once done, take the elevator down.

The labyrinth

In the large room, eliminate the enemies and go down the stairs.

Once down, walk to some walls and they will move. Walls that can move stand out with a vertical pattern (see image below). Feel free to move around pasting the walls.

Explore the area carefully, there are small hidden chests!

The elevator

Take the elevator to the center of the room.

You will arrive in a room with fungus to eliminate. Take the chest at the bottom and return to the elevator.

On the side, a mysterious message will tell you that you will have to get on the elevator to continue. To do this, press the switch to send the elevator down. Then press again to make it go up and, before it arrives, jump on it.

The return of the 2 stelae

After eliminating the fungi, three new stelae will be available. This time, they will spin on their own.

You will need to block the steles at the ends on the correct drawing by pressing the button in front of them. When the middle one also turns to the right drawing, you will unlock the next one.

Take the elevator one last time and head to the indicated point to find out what you have in store for the rest of Archon’s quest!

Little word

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