April 21, 2024
"The Golden Sleep: Lost in the Sands" quest series, unlock the permission system for exploration!

“The Golden Sleep: Lost in the Sands” quest series, unlock the permission system for exploration! in Genshin Impact

The “Golden Sleep” world quest series will take you through the desert and discover remnants of the past.

During this first “Lost in the Sands” quest, you will notably be able to recover a useful object which will allow you to unlock various mechanisms throughout the Scarlet Desert.

In order to unlock several exploration dungeons, you will also need to find and start this quest!

Trigger the quest

Go to Aaru Village where you can find Bonifaz. This one is at the entrance of the village, to the east.

Find the Archaeological Team

Head to the Statue of the Seven, east of Aaru Village. Footprints will soon be visible on the ground. Follow them to the road to Abdju and dive into the hole to talk to the three expedition members.

In the ruins

After speaking with Jeht and advancing in front of the door of the ruins where she and her father will be waiting for you, it will be time to enter.

Once through the large hall, you will come across a closed door. In order to unlock it, equip yourself with an Anemo character and use the item to scatter the sand around the opening mechanism.

Defeat the primal structure on the other side of the door, the first in a long line, then follow the fairy. 

Throughout the quest, you will be guided by a fairy who will show you the way to go. Open the doors on your way and don’t let yourself be distracted by the few trapped mechanisms.

When you have crossed several corridors and beaten a new primal structure, you will reach a room that seems to have no way out. 

Head left to find an elevator there. Activate it to go down to explore the area further.

At the bottom, you will immediately come across torches. In order to unlock the opening mechanism of the next door, you will need to turn them on. 

To do this, use the Electro element on the seed when it moves towards the invisible torch. This will allow you to reveal it. You will only have to activate the torches and continue to advance thanks to the mechanism.

After reaching a new dead-end room and talking to your fellow adventurers, head to the elevator in the middle of the room.

Upstairs, meet “Benben”, the new mechanical team member!

Report to the men at the bottom and complete this dialogue to obtain the stele that will allow you to access various secrets of the desert. 

Then take the elevator back and unlock your first door using the Stele of Scarlet Sands.

On the other side of the door, you will find a fairy that you will have to follow to advance. Continue your way until you reach a room and a new mechanism.

Pick up the Primal Light Cone in the center of the room and move to the Replicator Stone. You will be able to create a new mechanism that you will need in order to connect an elemental ray and clear your way.

In the next room, you will again come across cones of primal light. But, first of all, get rid of the enemy. 

Bring each cone to its place. If you tried to take both cones at the same time and one of them disappeared, don’t panic! The cones eventually reappear on their own after a few seconds. 

On one side, make the receptacle appear while on the other, the mechanism producing the elemental ray will unlock. 

Turn the cell twice to direct the beam towards the other mechanism and thus unlock the book.

You are out of the ruins!

After a new discussion, follow the path and the fairy which will be a little further until you reach the outside. 

End of the first part !

This series of world quests has 4 distinct parts. We will cover the following in a new article!

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