April 21, 2024


Dendro has enabled a new meta and has established itself as a very powerful item since its inclusion in Genshin Impact 3.0 (it took a long time but the truth is that the item itself has been tremendous at least).

Since now we have been able to test the element itself much better, its reactions and how it fits with the other elements and so on… I have decided to create this post in which I will talk to you about what in my opinion is the most standard and solid configuration for the Dendro element, he is alongside Hydro and Electro’s companions . There are more Dendro teams, we will see them little by little, but this one for me is the most important to understand and without a doubt one of the most effective.


    We have to combine characters from Dendro, Hydro and Electro (with head) and we also have Anemo and Zhongli as “wild cards”.


    Nahida (Kusanali) in Genshin Impact

    The pillar that sustains the team . We can simply take one to apply it and thus benefit from the Elemental Reactions or take 2 to obtain the Dendro Consonance for the Elemental Mastery it gives us; vital stat in this type of Team Compositions and fundamental also in most Dendro characters.

    • Nahida : The best character to run in the vast majority of cases for her awesome off-field passive Dendro application and for giving us a very good amount of Elemental Mastery for the party.
    • Dendro Traveler : Best Dendro character F2P choice or a tremendous partner for Nahida if you want to go with 2 Dendro.
    • Collei : Not so recommended because her Ulti doesn’t last very long, but highly recommended if you build a Keching Dendro team or on any fast rotation team (where the Main DPS also rotates fast).


    Sangonomiya Kokomi in Genshin Impact

    Mainly to do Bloom alongside Dendro. With this we will leave a Dendro seed in the field that the Electro will be in charge of activating to cause a very notable damage. They don’t require Elemental Mastery (it won’t hurt them, but prioritize damage and others) since it will be Electro that activates the Reaction when the seed explodes and we would only be left with the Electrocharged ones that are not that interesting.

    • Kokomi / Bárbara : They play the role of Healer and apply Dendro in the area; Kokomi is a better option.
    • Xingchiu / Yelan : For Single Target Hydro applicationthey are the best there is.
    • Ayato : He could be the main DPS of the team and also the Hydro applicator in an excellent way.


    Yae Miko in Genshin Impact

    For Intensification, Acceleration and others (in the end Dendro + Electro snort each other); also to activate the Overbloom Reaction (Electro hitting the Bloom seeds). It is important that they have a good amount of Elemental Mastery , but you cannot forget the damage of these characters either; look for balance… usually you will take them with Elemental Mastery Clock (in some cases you can get more Attack %, for that we already have builds of each character clarifying), Electro Damage Bonus in Chalice and Critical in the Crown or Helmet.

    • Yae Miko / Fischl : Both are great options; Yae benefits more from Elemental Mastery and triggers Overbloom better, but Fischl’s Electro Single Target application on C6 is overkill.
    • Kuki : Role of healer and passive application of Electro constant and in area, but not too much (yes, to activate the seeds Dendro is god).
    • Main DPSs Electro : Electros work very well as Main DPS on these teams. See Keching or Cyno for example.


    Sucrose in Genshin Impact

    We can take one to benefit from gathering enemies, expanding Electro with whirlwinds and the enormous advantages offered by these characters (Anemo is OP) with Emerald Green Shadow .

    • Sucrose : In addition to what has already been mentioned, it will give us Elemental Mastery for the group.
    • Kazuha : It will give us Elemental damage bonuses (not to Dendro, but to Hydro and Electro). It also brings enemies together very well.
    • Venti : It is another option and a joint like no other, but in general the previous ones are a better option.


    Zhongli in Genshin Impact

    Zhongli is a wild card. He can replace the healer since with his shield we don’t need one. The problem is that his Geo damage can screw up some Reactions; the good thing is that his shield reduces resistances of EVERYTHING (Dendro too). It is not what I recommend the most, but if you do not have a worthwhile healer you can put it on.


    Usually we will create one of these 3 configurations:

    • Double Dendro, Electro and Hydro : The Dendro Elemental Consonance is brutal because it gives us more Elemental Mastery.
    • Dendro, Double Electro and Hydro : We will benefit from Electro Elemental Consonance to better charge elemental energy .
    • Dendro, Electro, Hydro and Anemo or Zhongli : We will benefit from the Anemo itself or Zhongli’s shield.

    I will create teams mostly for fast rotations as they work very well in these configurations, for teams focused on a Main DPS like Keching or Cyno it is better that you directly see the team compositions mentioned in the build of these characters in this blog. Anyway, based on seeing the 3 examples that I will show you, you should be able to form the team you want.


    The composition would be something like this:

    • Nahida : Golden Dreams.
    • Dendro Traveler : Memories of the Forest .
    • Yae Miko : Golden Dreams.
    • Kokomi : Tenacity of the Geoarmada.
      • You could put Kuki in place of Kokomi and replace Yae with a Xingchiu or Yelan.
      • Traveler Dendro could be replaced by Collei.

    Nahida is the main Dendro applicator and is accompanied by the Traveler so that she can carry Golden Dreams . Kokomi with the Jellyfish will be applying Hydro in the area to create Overbloom while at the same time healing us and increasing our Attack with Tenacity and Yae will be applying Electro and activating the Overbloom.

    The rotation of this team would be like this:

    • Elemental of Yae (we put the 3 totems).
    • Nahida’s Elemental + Ulti.
    • Elemental + Traveler’s Ulti.
    • Kokomi Elemental.
    • Ulti + Elemental of Yae (Remember that when throwing the Ulti you have to renew the totems).
    • You refresh Kokomi’s jellyfish with the Ulti before the jellyfish ends (those who use Kokomi know what I mean).
    • You return to the rotation from Nahida because you already have the Totems on.

    On this team both Yae and Nahida could be the Main DPS, but quick rotations pay off more.


    • Nahida : Memories of the Forest.
    • Fischl : Golden Dreams or Tenacity of the Geoarmed.
    • Xingchiu : Ancient Ritual of the Nobility .
    • Kuki : Tenacity of the Geoarmada . Vital that he has a lot of Elemental Mastery.

    In this one we will have a massive Hydro and Electro application in single target, the ideal would be to use Nahida as Main DPS with all the abilities / ults of the group active to perform tons of overblooms in addition to the Propagation, Intensification and also Electrocharged reactions.


    • Nahida’s Elemental + Ulti.
    • Elemental + Kuki’s Ulti.
    • Xingchiu’s Elemental + Ulti.
    • Fischl’s Elemental or Ulti (one of the 2, whichever you have).
    • You stick with Nahida for a while between the duration of the companions’ effects, renew Nahida’s elemental when you can.
    • After this you return to Kuki and repeat rotation.

    That said, you could do other combinations … Keching, Fischl, Collei, Kokomi; Cyno, Xingchiu, Nahida, Kuki; Yae, Fischl, Nahida, Bárbara (always better Kokomi)… etc.


    This could be the thing, remember that we want a Dendro, a Hydro, an Anemo and an Electro.

    • Sucrose : As Main DPS with Emerald Green Shadow.
    • Nahida or other Dendro Support .
    • Kokomi or Kuki .
    • Xingchiu/Yelan or Fischl/Yae (depending on the healer).

    Let’s say we pick Sucrose, Traveler Dendro (we pick Nahida a lot already), Fischl (who works well on C6 in these comps), and Kokomi. Rotation:

    • Elemental + Traveler’s Ulti.
    • Kokomi Elemental.
    • Elemental or Ulti of Fischl.
    • We spend a good time with Sucrose pulling everything; elementals, the Ulti, normal attacks…

    The team is very good because Sucrose enhances the Elemental Mastery and through the anemo it can spread the Electro in the area to compensate for the fact that Fischl applies a lot but in Single Target . Kokomi heals us and applies Hydro in the area and the Dendro Traveler will apply dendro in the area.

    I understand that doubts may arise because there are infinite possible combinations and many things to take into account, the idea is that based on these explanations and the example teams you learn to develop your own based on the characters you have in the account. If you have any questions leave me a comment and I will try to answer it.

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