April 21, 2024


This time we are going to talk about the Solar Pearl , one of my favorite catalysts in all of Genshin Impact that we can get as a reward when we reach level 30 of the Battle Pass (yes, you have to buy it to unlock it).

It is a bit unfair that some of the best four-star weapons in the game are in the Battle Pass, because those who are completely F2P will not be able to have any of these and the difference is quite noticeable (after all, it is the greater attraction to catch the pass).

Well, let’s see its characteristics and effects.


These are the stats of the Solar Pearl:

  • Base Attack Level 1: 42
  • Base Attack Level 90: 510

We find a medium Base Attack to be a four-star catalyst as is the case with the Marauders Symphony or the Favonius Codex (but don’t worry, its secondary stat and passive make up for it very well).

  • Critical Chance Level 1: 6%
  • Critical Chance Level 90: 27.6%

It gives us a pretty decent amount of Critical Chance that pretty much any character will take advantage of; in this stat the Lost Prayer to the Holy Winds outperforms it (it’s a five star, so it’s normal) but only by 5.5%.

The passive effect is as follows:

  • Attacking an enemy with a Normal Attack will increase the damage of the Elemental Ability and the Ultimate Ability by 20% for 6 seconds. And also when using the Elemental or Ultimate Skill we will increase the damage of the Normal Attack by 20% for 6 seconds.

I find it to be a pretty powerful passive that is very similar to the effect that two Ancient Ritual of Nobility pieces give us ; In addition, if you make the decision to refine it, the bonus can increase to a maximum of 40% increase in damage (it is certainly one of the Battle Pass weapons that improves the most when you refine it).

Normally now the part where I put a snag would come, but I like it so much and it is so versatile for most catalysts (except for specific cases like Bárbara and especially Kokomi ), so the only “bad” thing that I can get let’s see is that the buff only lasts 6 seconds, but just make another Normal Attack to renew it and little else.


Well, pretty much whoever you want. That if, except for cases already mentioned as Kokomi.

It’s great for both a Main DPS and a Burst DPS, the only thing to remember to do a basic before using your Ultimate or Elemental.

Ninguang in Genshin Impact

I think it’s especially good for Ninguang because it’s from my point of view the character that can get the most out of it.

The damage of Ninguang’s Ultimate Ability is already quite thick, so if we add to that the 2 pieces of Ancient Ritual of Nobility and have some refinement in our Solar Pearl, then we will burst even more.

And in general his Elemental Ability isn’t too bad in terms of damage and his basics are decent (although very slow even canceling the animation). For all this, Ninguang seems to me to be the best candidate for the Solar Pearl (besides, she doesn’t even look like her outfit).

Mona in Genshin Impact

Generally, we won’t be playing Mona as a Primary DPS. However, the Solar Pearl is a very good option to spam her Ultimate and give us a good chance to increase the chance of the hit being critical.

Additionally, the two most popular builds for Mona focus on increasing the damage of her Ultimate (either four Crest of Fate pieces or two Ancient Ritual of Nobility and two Heart of the Deep ) and she will benefit greatly from that. 20% bonus to his Ultimate Ability.

The only thing, always remember to hit with a basic before launching it and keep in mind that the buff in its basics and in its Elemental Ability will hardly be noticed (but since it is not what we are interested in boosting in this case, we it doesn’t matter a bit).

Other characters:

  • Yanfei : Before I had Lost Prayer to the Holy Winds, it was the catalyst that I carried with my Yanfei and I did not do badly with it. The thing is, Yanfei isn’t known for doing a lot of damage with his Elemental Ability and his Ultimate Ability; On the other hand, the buff to the basics is not bad at all.
  • Klee : It is another good option when building Klee. One of Klee’s passives causes him to recharge his team members by 2 Elemental Energy on critical hits, so it’s quite interesting that he has a pretty high Critical Chance.

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