April 15, 2024


The Cloudpiercer Spear is one of the most overlooked weapons in all of Genshin Impact , but now with the addition of Shenhe to the game and for a few other characters, I think it has regained some relevance in the game.

It is true that it is a weapon that from the outset greatly restricts our equipment because we are going to have to take a character that provides shields (whether the user of this spear or not) and that is something that can spoil some compositions, but the truth is It increases Attack so much that I honestly think it’s worth it.

So let’s take a look at their stats and passives:


These are the stats of the Cloudpiercer Spear:

  • Base Attack Level 1: 46
  • Base Attack Level 90: 608

Well, Base Attack really has the everyday in five-star spears, such as the case of the Homa Staff or Reaper’s Light ; Even so, because it is five stars, it is still a high Base Attack and it is great.

  • Attack % Level 1: 10.8%
  • Attack % Level 90: 49.6%

In all weapons, the same thing generally happens; if you have a lower Base Attack, your secondary stat will have a higher percentage and vice versa.

Well, this is what we find in the case of the Cloudpiercing Spear, but 608 is also very good and balances perfectly with such a good percentage of Attack%. Her stats are arguably the reverse of Disaster Peacemaker’s .

The passive effects are the following:

  • Increases Shield protection by 20%.
  • When we attack an enemy our Attack will go up by 4%, we can get up to five stacks (that is, 20%) and each one can be received every 0.3 seconds.
  • If we are protected by a shield, the Attack increase is doubled (wow, we can get 40%).

For characters in which the Attack plays a very important role, it is a weapon pass because it is fully versed in all its areas to increase it.

The only bad thing is that we are going to be dependent on having a character that equips us with shields to get the most out of it and if we equip it to a DPS, the best thing is that it be one that receives either Critical Damage or Critical Chance for that we can have a decent build.


Well, in this case there is no general rule, each character on the list will come in handy for a specific reason:

Shenhe in Genshin Impact

To me this spear seems like a tremendous option for Shenhe if we carry it as a buffer. When using his Elemental Ability, he applies the Glacial Feather effect with which we boost Normal, Charged, Descending Attacks, Elemental Ability or Ultimate Ability that inflict Cryo damage in proportion to Shenhe’s Attack.

So we only have if we do the math, between the 608 Base Attack, plus the 49.6% Attack that its secondary stat gives us and the passive that if we are covered by a shield we can have an extra 40% Attack, they make Shenhe has an inhuman amount of Attack (gives her more Attack than even Disaster Peacemaker).

Zhongli in Genshin Impact

Well to no one’s surprise, Zhongli . At the end of the day, this weapon came out for and for him, so it had to come in handy for the hell of it.

The good thing about Zhongli is that he takes advantage of the 20% protection to the shield, the thing is that Zhongli’s shield is so strong that if we have the talent well raised it is very difficult for them to break it.

Then, in terms of Attack, it’s not bad for us to increase the damage of Zhongli’s Ultimate Ability, although it would have been preferable if it had given him some Life instead, that’s why many people prefer to take him with the Homa Staff instead.

Xiao in Genshin Impact

As is well known , Xiao is a bit suicidal, although not as much as her friend Hu Tao , so she is usually accompanied by Zhongli or another character who can provide us with a decent shield. This will allow Xiao to take full advantage of this spear’s Attack buff.

And well, after all, when you level up you get Critical Chance, so by putting a Critical Damage helmet on you we can have a decent build and a very high amount of Attack.

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