April 14, 2024
Aim for weak spots in the “Trials of Faiz” event! in Genshin Impact

Aim for weak spots in the “Trials of Faiz” event! in Genshin Impact

Sumerian scholars at the Academy are often under pressure to hand in their work; you have been able to realize this with the many researchers you have met during your adventures. Jami is no exception to the rule, and he needs your help to succeed in his thesis!

Event Details

The new event “Trials of Fayz” is available! For the duration of the event, use Fayz Serum in the challenge to enter time dilation, capture enemy weaknesses exposed during combat, and help the Sumerian Seeker complete his project.

Event duration

  • From September 8 at 11:00 to September 26 at 04:59 (server time).

Conditions of participation

  • Adventure Level (AR) greater than or equal to 20.
  • Complete the Archon Prologue – Act 3 quest “Song of the Dragon and Freedom”.


  • A new combat challenge will be available daily until you have discovered all 6 challenges.
  • Each challenge can only be done solo. Characters are offered to you free of charge for each challenge.
  • Gadgets cannot be used inside dungeons. You also cannot open an interface.

Unlock event

You will find Jami in Port Ormos. This researcher is at his wit’s end, and he explains his desperate situation to you: he cannot change his thesis, and he cannot fulfill the necessary conditions, being too “scarce” to fight… So you decide to help him, having pity on him.

How challenges work

Teleport to the challenge location to access the interface. You will then be able to choose a challenge, with the characters on trial that go with it.

You cannot use your characters in this event. Only trial characters are available and usable.

Fayz serum

Eliminating enemies during fights grants  Fayz Serum which you must stack up to a certain amount before you can use it to enter a state of  time dilation . You have a maximum of 3 Fayz Serum charges simultaneously.

Once in a state of  time dilation , you can use your crosshairs to capture enemy weaknesses, and unleash the “Supersense” skill. There is an improved version of this skill, once 8 weaknesses are captured by this procedure. Weaknesses display on the time dilation screen as colored orbs.

There are golden orbs, called critical weaknesses, which count as 2 classic weaknesses. This helps you use your “Supersense” skill faster.

If you leave time dilation without spotting a weakness, you’re not using Fayz’s serum.

Challenge Details

Appearance deception


Everyone knows that there are two forms of defense: one is to develop defense structures, and the other is to pretend to have them…

Supersense Effects

Standard Effect:
Randomly releases 3 waves of fierce grass at the location of enemies with captured weaknesses, inflicting area Dendro DMG. This effect prioritizes attacking enemies with more than 2 captured weaknesses.

Improved Effect:
The amount of Ferocious Grass Waves released is increased to 5 and the Dendro DMGs inflicted are increased.

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