April 21, 2024


Today I bring you the Dark Blade guide , one of the Souldiers bosses and the next one on the list if you have been following the guides of the others that I have been bringing. From the outset, comment that, to no one’s surprise, he is quite crappy.

Although well, what can I tell you at this point, you are already quite advanced in the game and you know that dark weapon bosses are usually complicated (I still think that the most complicated was Dark Claw , but since now they have polished the difficulty (in the sense of lowering it, I already criticized it back in the day here ) well, I’m not sure anymore; that’s another thing on top, Dark Blade is supposed to have been even more complicated before). But the case, that as always I start to ramble, we go with the guide of this boss.


After defeating the previous boss ( Project S ), you will have to follow the main questline; You must go to the library and talk to the girl there (when they tell you that you need something to protect you from high temperatures). After this you will have to go to the next location to take a kind of frozen orb (where I will mark you with the blue arrow, you will have to use some hanging ropes at the beginning of the arrow and from there keep going up) and go to Hafin (you can’t use teleport, it’s not complicated anyway, the only thing you have to watch out for is that in the spider guard you have to go through the area where you fought against Iktala , which is the fast path, you can’t take too long or it will will melt).

Location of Fire Protection in Souldiers

Then you will have to go to the Fire Temple (I also leave you the location) and there it is to advance as usual until eventually you run into Dark Blade. I’ll also leave you a photo of the exact location of Dark Blade, but come on, you’ll have to investigate the entire area anyway because a door will block our access.

Let’s go first with the location of the Fire Temple:

Location of the Fire Temple in Souldiers

And here the exact location of Black Cleaver:

Dark Cleaver Location

I forgot to mark the exact location in the photo, it is the room that is at the bottom right of the image (you can get the three hidden chests after defeating him by double jumping, dash and others).


We’re splitting the fight into 2 phases to keep things straight (it actually has more, but we’re putting phases together to make a clearer distinction).

When it comes to weapons, it was good for me to use the Dark Spear , which is the one I use the most in fact. I tried the Dark Whip and at least in this fight it’s a bit meh.

Regarding the element to use, it does not matter as long as you are imbued at some point; you can’t go physical because it’s resistant to it. But… it’s not weak to any element either, it’s neutral to all of them.


Let’s look at the attacks you’ll start with:

  • Jump Attack : It will jump and dive into the air (you can dodge it with the dash or with the double jump) and shortly after, when it reaches the ground, it will throw the blade forward like a boomerang. It is the best time to attack, the idea is to get behind when he is going to throw it and it will give you time to give him a few hits. Don’t overdo it by hitting, as soon as the blade returns to him, he quickly recoils.
  • Passive Blades : It will launch a blade that will passively go around the screen along the walls (it will go all the way around more than once). You will have to be attentive to go jumping, without further ado. Be careful because as the combat progresses, it will launch two instead of one to make it even more complicated.
  • Tailwind : It will stand in a corner of the screen and start spinning its blade like a fan. It will create a current of air that will push you towards it, the idea is that you move in the opposite direction to avoid coming into contact with it because if it does it deletes that it’s nice. If it hooks you, you will receive a lot of damage since it will “suck” you and give you many hits and also, if you survive, you will be dizzy and it will be easy for it to finish you off later.


When his life is below 40% or so he will start to perform his mist attack (the most annoying of all without a doubt) and will also improve one of his attacks. I tell you:

  • Tailwind + : Like Tailwind but with a more powerful wind current; it will not be enough to move, you will have to run with the new ability that you acquired in the Fire Temple.
  • Fog : As I have already mentioned, the worst attack of all. It will create a mist in the combat area except for a small central area which is where you should go as the mist deals constant damage and burns. You will see that flashes will appear on the screen indicating where the boss will attack us (it will be a long time attacking until it ends):
    • If the flash appears on the side from the bottom: You will have to take a normal jump (if you do it twice you eat the fog) to avoid it, you have to wait a bit since the flash appears and then jump, you will have to catch the timing It is the one that costs the most.
    • If the flash appears on the side but a little higher: You will have to crouch.
    • If the flash appears at the top (on the ceiling): You will have to move a little to the side without touching the fog.


Dark Blade will provide us with the following rewards:

  • Shield Charge : Scout’s ability, with which we will make a charge with the shield; when coming into contact with the enemies we will cause damage and if we hurry the distances well (if we hit right at the end of the run) we will cause more damage and stun. I don’t know what they give to the other classes, sorry, I’ve played with the Scout.
  • Dark Blade : Not his, but he’s in the same combat zone when you defeat him. You will have to use the arena mode to activate the ground platforms to get through the hole in the ceiling of the room. We will launch a blade that will travel the ground like the boss did.

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