April 21, 2024


Babylon is already the fourth boss that we face in the blessed pyramid of Souldiers , what do you want to finish with the area and be able to see sunlight again, right? The issue is quite uphill, especially because we are completely locked up there.

The truth is that the boss again seems very good to me, I think that in that aspect Souldiers is doing a very good job and this one is not as complicated as others that we have already defeated, at least in my opinion.

Be that as it may, as always I will break down all his attacks and mechanics so that defeating him is as simple as possible. So nothing, here we go!


Regarding the location, I’m sorry but the pyramid right now is a tremendous labyrinth and I’m already more lost than a drunk and giving you the exact location is not much use given how complex this map is… so I’ll explain in broad strokes and being very generic, what you have to do.

Assuming that you have already defeated Dark Ax , you will have to use the key that he gave you (it is marked on the map with the typical wall with a forbidden) and investigate that area. After that you will have to continue exploring the pyramid until you end up meeting the second version of the Royal Scorpion .

The thing is that you go to the new doors that you unlock through the Globus you have. If, for example, a door is Purple and has 2 holes, you will have to enter a Blue and a Red Globus to open it. If it is Turquoise and it has 2 holes, a Blue Globus and a Green one and so on. And of course if it only has one hole, you will have to have exactly that color for it to work. Applying this and with a lot of patience you will end up passing the entire pyramid.


We will divide this fight into 3 phases to better clarify. Anyway, first of all I would like to clarify a couple of things:

  1. Babylon is weak to fire (note that with sand you heal it).
  2. You must hit him in the face or you will do much less damage.

Clarified this we go with the phases:


The thing starts relatively light. Something you should be clear

  • Laser Breath : He will stand to one side of the screen and release a tremendous kamehameha from his mouth. The idea is that you do a double jump on the wall and bounce on it (it is better that you stay hooked to the wall for a while) to spend a good time in the air and thus avoid damage. Do not attack him when he is done as many times he will throw another Laser Breath at you and if you are not close to the wall you will eat it.
  • Discomerang : It will go to the side of the screen again and throw a large disc forward so that when it reaches the wall it will go back. Jump over when he throws it and take the opportunity to hit him for a long time between when he returns; when it comes back you jump over it again.


Phase 2 will begin when we lower it to 25%, from here we will have to alternate between sand and fire form, in the new attacks I will explain. Clarify that it will maintain the attacks of the previous phase.

  • Purple Explosion : It will launch a purple ball to the ground, you have to jump before it hits the ground or you will be stunned. After this ball several small balls will fall that you will have to dodge. After this, put yourself in sand mode and hit the gray rhombus to make some platforms appear that will allow us to reach the boss and attack him (attack in fire mode, it is best to change your path). Remember that it is important that you hit him in the face, if you do not get there well, do the jump attack.
  • Laser Flutter : It will do it after you lower its life to half more or less. He will start to fly frontally and will create 2 laser columns that will fall to the ground from his wings, thus creating a “cage” in the middle that we must enter and move along with him so as not to take damage. While you’re in the cage, put yourself in sand mode because a rhombus will appear when you finish (and quickly switch to fire between you go up the sand platforms, remember that if you attack him with sand you heal him).
  • Laser Breath + Discomerang : From health<50%. He will perform the laser attack while also throwing the Discomerang. When it is coming towards us we have to simply stick to the wall and wait for the laser to stop to jump over it; after this we can hit the boss a bit and the same thing on the way back, but when you see that the disk is halfway there, jump over it or else you won’t be able to dodge it on the way back because of the laser.
  • Purple Rain : This one will do it when his life is more or less around 33%. We will have to quickly hit the gray diamond with the sand mode and use the platforms to cover ourselves from the purple rain between advancing towards the boss, passing from one to another when they come together. When you are close to him, take the opportunity to attack him since during the rain the boss will gradually recover a little life. Remember to switch to fire mode to hit him.


This is what we will get by defeating Babylon:

  • Purple Globus : Another Globus more.

The next boss is actually some kind of general who will attack us as we exit the pyramid, but it seemed too simple for me to guide him. So I leave you with a guide from the next to this one, which ugh, it has a cloth… Dark Claw .

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