April 14, 2024


The progression and improvement of our character in Souldiers , whatever it is that you have chosen as a class, will be fundamental for our game to be more bearable since the game is not exactly easy (it will depend on the difficulty you choose ) and we must have all the tools we can.

For this reason, today I bring you a list of all those things that will improve your character and I will explain in detail how each of these improvements works since in many cases you will need to have goods such as coins or other objects that you will find around the world . Let’s go there!


It is something very obvious but we must say it, every time your character levels up, it will improve its statistics such as Life, Resistance, Attack and others and therefore it is one of the most relevant factors for its improvement.

As in all games of this type, the higher the level, the more it will cost to raise it, and one option you have if you see that you are “a little green” is to farm a little to level up; something that would be quite boring for me, but that is still an option.

Something that I would like to comment on is that when you level up your character, your life and mana will be healed, something that at certain times can be of enormous help in the tough areas that await us in the game and when it jumps, it is greatly appreciated.


Masteries are passive skills that give us beneficial effects, each class has its Masteries tree and suffice it to say that it is important to invest points here. You will get 1 point of Mastery for each level you get in your character, so little by little you will acquire them.


Another of the most relevant factors will be the improvement of our equipment and this is an option that we will unlock when we reach the City of Hafin (after defeating the Minotaur ) through the Destras Smithy (to the right of the market, which is in the center) .

Here we can improve our weapon and also our protection (that will depend on the class you choose, of course, in the case of the Scout we would improve the shield).

We can improve both things up to 6 times and depending on whether it is the weapon or the protection, these will be the changes:

  • Weapon :
    • We will increase our Attack, so we will do more damage.
    • They will ask us for Ragnarita .
  • Protection :
    • We will increase the Resistance, which will help us defend ourselves better.
    • They will ask us for Rokirita .

In both cases, they will also ask us for coins in exchange, and the higher the level to which we are increasing said equipment, the more resources they will ask us for.

Both (Ragnarita and Rokiriya) are objects that we will be obtaining in the game, so it is highly recommended to get the maps right and go back when we have more abilities/orbs to get the ones that were not previously accessible and thus obtain more materials.


It can be somewhat counterintuitive because when we think of “weapon” what comes to mind is the main weapon used by the character. But when Souldiers refers to “upgrading weapons,” he is referring to those additional weapons that consume red shards, such as bombs.

As our adventure progresses we will be obtaining more of these weapons, either in boss encounters or in chests, but focusing on today’s topic which is to improve them… well, we will be able to do it again in Hafin.

For this we will have to go to the Gartua Workshop (where the huge cannon is) and there we will have a list of all of them and we will see that we can improve each one of them in 3 levels. In exchange, they will ask us for coins again, but also Asgarite (the higher the level, the more they will ask us), another material that we will obtain in the game. Make sure to upgrade only those weapons that are really useful to you in your adventure so as not to waste resources, that will depend on your style of play.


This would be a less relevant topic, but I would like to comment on it anyway since I think it can help us in our progression.

Again in Hafin we have inside the cabin where Brigard is usually (it is in the lower area almost to the far left) a board on which posters of quite (very) powerful enemies will be added.

The rewards are very worthwhile since on the one hand they will give us many coins and on the other hand we will obtain very good accessories . It will not be easy to defeat these enemies, everything is said.

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