April 15, 2024


Project S is the next boss that we will face in Souldiers and from the outset I must say that it seemed like a fairly simple battle, but since I want to make a guide to all the bosses anyway (although I skipped one because it was so so simple I thought nobody would need help with him), so I’ll leave it here.

Comment that it is also true that in the last update of Souldiers they have readjusted the difficulty (thank goodness, because the game was exaggeratedly difficult, in this post I already dealt with that issue and I smell that they have corrected it), so perhaps that is why it is due Now this seems simple to me. Be that as it may, I bring you the guide here.


We will face Project S in the Sunken Laboratory. First we have to defeat the Dark Whip Sisters , by defeating them we will have to keep going through the path that will open and go forward and forward until eventually reaching this boss. Anyway, I leave you the exact location here, that you will see that you will need the IV key , which you will end up getting if you follow the steps that I have mentioned above.

Location of Project S in Souldiers

Clarify that this is the area that is further to the Southwest of the Submerged Laboratory map. I have marked the area of ​​the battle with that turquoise or blue “ball”.


This time we will do something different with respect to the guide, and that is that we will separate the combat into 2 phases that will be interspersed; the combat phase and the dodge phase.

Anyway comment a few things before:

  1. If you hit him in the jaw like steel he has he will not take damage , if you hit him in the face make sure to hit him from the top.
  2. He can cause bleeding with some of his attacks and in the same way you could also be paralyzed by electric attacks, keep that in mind for your equipment and potions.
  3. In both phases he can occasionally summon those pesky critters we’ve found around the area that are weak to fire. Defeat them fast or they will delete you. The good thing about this is that they will at least drop health.


We will start in this phase, Project S will attack us directly with the following attacks, it is the moment in which we must attack (you have to be with the Electric Orb):

  • Surprise! : Project S will suddenly appear in one of the large holes on the screen and will give a few bites (don’t get close, it has enough range). After this we can hit him for a long time until he decides to return to moderte (try to dodge it, and if you fail nothing happens, at least you will have lowered his life quite a bit).
  • Diving : He will go diving and sometimes instead of doing the “Surprise!” It will emerge from the water upwards with a great jump that you must dodge. Between the time it falls back into the water you can try to hit it a little, which is possible.


There will come a time when Project S will be safe and you will have to perform certain platforms to be able to avoid more damage and reach the upper area of ​​the screen, which is where the boss will be. We will have 2 of these platforms in order:

  1. First Electric Attack : A kind of tube will appear on the screen that will launch an electric jet that will move upwards to damage you. Activate your Water Orb, turn into a slug and go left through the hole in the wall. You will have to go up the pipes quickly to avoid taking damage and to get to the top and hit the boss a little. You will have to stay in this area fighting until he decides to leave, at which point you will see that the room is electrifying and you will have to return to the interior area if you do not want to take damage.
  2. Second Electric Attack : The electric tubes will appear again and this time you will see that the screen will be filled with lasers. You will have to go with the Aquatic Orb to the bubble and go from one to another (without eating the lasers) to reach the top again and hit it.


The boss as such will not give us a reward, but it is true that practically afterwards we can get something quite interesting:

  • Dark Whip : A weapon with which we will release an electrical or fire wave (I don’t like it very much if it is random) that will bounce around the screen, as we saw in the fight against the sisters.

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